Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve just been sitting quietly on my couch trying to recuperate as best I can. My stomach and arms are still quite unhappy, but I at least managed to get back to work today.


My students were quite good today for the most part, though some things never change. The same boys took forever in the coat room and there were the usual shenanigans, though I saw hope in the fact that they managed to walk to the gym silently. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We spent the day working on our New Years Resolutions. We first watched Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution. There is a version that is read online and it’s great at explaining what a resolution is and gives some simple examples. The kids came up with a lot of soccer examples, but there were a couple of good ones about learning to read and reading every day.

We spent some time in the gym doing relays to get rid of energy and then this afternoon we started talking about winter and Drew our tree in winter. Thankfully we can do so through the window as it has been raining continuously for days.


My stomach and arms are still bothering me, but I was hoping some gentle exercise would help with the stomach at least. I did a VERY slow 2.78km run to the park and back. I hope it helps!

Movies/ Knitting:

I watched Two Turtle Doves and loved how Christmassy it was. I will have to watch it again as I didn’t do a workout to it.

I am still working on my baby snowflake blanket and am quite loving it, even though I wasn’t planning on it:)


I decided that I might as well go to trivia as I could sit there as easily as I could sit on my couch and maybe it would take my mind off of the pain.

In the first round:

Where is Gray’s Anatomy set?


Which show was Laverne and Shirley a spin off of?

Happy Days

Put these cities in order from North to South.

Everett, Lynwood, Bellevue

Who was the dog in the Little Orphan Annie comic?


We got the math question:


Who started White Spot?

Nat Bailey

Round 2 was all music and I actually got the very first song and the very last.

Mm Bop by Hanson

Great Day to Be Alive by Travis Tritt

In the third round we didn’t do great but knew:

Which country has won the most Olympic golds in boxing?


What is a small strait worth in Yahtzee?

30 points

What did one wear as penitence in the Middle Ages?


Which European city is known as The Eternal City?


Who wrote Catcher in the Rye?

JD Salinger

What was the first James Bond theme song to win an Oscar?


Which band’s first album was called Bleach?


Amazingly I felt even dumber by round 4🤣 and it was a round all about 2019.

Who was the baby of Harry and Megan?


Where was the Super Bowl held in 2019?


The biggest song of 2019?

Old Town Road by Lil Naz

Who is the leader of Great Britain?

Boris Johnson

Which month did Norte Dame Cathedral burn?


Which tv was the most watched?

Sunday Night Football

Who won best picture Oscar?


Who won the Con Smyth trophy in 2019?

Ryan O’Riley

What day was Halloween on?


Well I desperately need sleep!

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #36

  1. Glad to see you’re recovering – is this from the problem you had with the iron infusion? I think I’ve missed an update somewhere as I was frantically trying to catch up with my blogs last night.

  2. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. Alex and I tried to go to Sing-o last night (bingo but with songs) and the bar cancelled it! We were so upset. Now we’ll have to find another music based trivia night to try out.

    Unrelated but Greenbook was a fantastic movie. Highly recommend!

    1. Oh that’s too bad they cancelled it! You should definitely find a new place:)
      I have been meaning to see GreenBook since it came out!

      1. I need to look up places to see since we’d rather do something related to music since Sing-o was more unique than your typical trivia.
        You definitely need to watch. Alex and I both really enjoyed it!

      2. My trivia has a full round of all music and some music in all of the other three rounds. My friends love it and sing a long, but that’s enough music for me as I’m awful at that part!🤣

  3. sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. that is not a great way to go back to work. it is always frustrating when the kids come back and slide right back into the wrong behaviors you tried to fix before the holidays. hope the rest of your kiddos found that magical winter break behavior/academic improvment

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