Finally a difference!


We had Thunderous Thursday this morning where the kids spend the first fifteen minutes running. I was so sad that the girl who loves running in my class missed it.

We did a lesson on short and long u. We have now officially covered all of the vowels.🎊🎉

We played around the world and I was so amazed at the difference in their ability to focus quietly and to count by 5s. Maybe we really are making a difference!

This afternoon we finished up our snowmen and I promise to take a picture tomorrow and add it to the post as some of them are so cute!

After school we had Bookclub and talked about Turtle in Paradise. I really liked the book and how realistic and historically accurate it was. There were a couple of events that weren’t realistic but nothing major and one of the other teachers noticed a few things mentioned that weren’t necessary and that we didn’t want to discuss, but overall a good book!


I got home just in time to head out on a run with Dennis. It was the first night where I wore both wool and down. We’ve definitely come into our first winter weather. We headed out from the running store and did 2.35km out to the aquatic centre and then turned around. It was nice to run with someone and he was great! If I fell back, he checked on me. If I cleared my throat, he checked on me, and he dragged me up the hill at the end. I told him I’d meet him at the top, but he stayed with me:). It was a great 5.28km with decent speed:)

Movies/ Knitting:

I watched the movie Staging Christmas tonight. I don’t think this is a hallmark movie, but rather an Ion movie. They are definitely not as good as hallmark movies. I didn’t do a workout, but will watch it again tomorrow and work out then.

I am still working on the snowflake baby blanket and am done the fourth ball. Any idea how big a baby blanket should be?

Well the best part of today was that my stomach was finally feeling better. It still has a bit of a heavy feeling, but it is so much better than it was!!!!

I am so glad I live and work where I do as all the other teachers are freaking out about the snow we’re supposed to get tonight. Perfectly okay with me, I’ll just wear my new snow boots as I walk up the hill:)

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Thunderous Thursday

  1. Glad you’re feeling a bit better. And I love that you can walk to work. When we moved to Birmingham and got my job and his course at the university, I was chuffed to know I could walk the three miles home if needed (we did a couple of times because of snow) because when we were in London it was an almighty pain!

  2. I loved Around the World in school since I’m pretty good at quick math haha. It was fun and you learned. Yay to feeling better! Hopefully you didn’t get too much snow overnight.

      1. True! I’ll keep that in mind. I have this baby blanket to finish and then a toque to make for a co worker and then I can work on stitching

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