It was our first snowfall of the winter though it only amounted to a skiff on the grass in my area. Sometimes I love living in a “banana belt” area!


The kids were so incredibly excited about our tiny bit of snow. I was less than excited about the ten minutes it took before and after each break to get the kids in and out of their snow gear😖

We had music today, completed a worksheet on the counting on strategy for addition. It was so weird that the children did great counting on using a number line but got really confused when using their fingers. I’ve never had that happen before!

This afternoon we had buddy time with our grade four buddies and then the children had centre time. All in all, a pretty good day!


This morning I really wanted to look for more yarn but figured that was dangerous, so I only let myself look when I got home. I had one more skein of sport weight white in the box, but I think this is going to be it. I’ve done two pattern repeats tonight and am kind of hoping to finish this blanket tomorrow. The pattern called for 18 pattern repeats and I’m only at 12 so I don’t think it’s going to make 18, but maybe two more.


Tonight I watched Our Christmas Love Song. It was a very cute Hallmark movie with Alicia Witt. I liked the family aspect and the fact she didn’t hid her problems from her family. It is also very Christmassy so it led to a good workout.


It has been miserably wet here all day and I really didn’t want to go out in that, but also didn’t want to have a no exercise day, so I did a hallmark workout. I did a minute of jogging in between each of these moves:

60 reverse lunges, 90 squats, 15 jacks, 20 mountain climbers, 10 burpees, 60 plié squats, 20 dips, 15 pushups, 25 crunches, 5 froggers, 15 reverse crunches, 20 curtsy lunges.

I can’t wait until I’m feeling more energetic and can up the intensity of what I do for these workouts and add weights.

I definitely missed my workout with L this morning but figured I shouldn’t stress my body that much yet.

Well I’m off to bed as I’m exhausted.

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “First Snow Day

  1. I was amazed at your saying the children did not do well counting on their fingers. People have ALWAYS counted on their fingers!! Does this mean our civilization has passed the tech age where we no longer have that innate ability???

  2. I almost never taught my kiddos to use their fingers. I find that they became dependent on them where as using a number line, base ten blocks, or other manipulative were seen as tool. Hope you get to rest up the weekend and find yourself feeling more yourself for the next week

  3. I’m glad you’re starting to get back into your Hallmark Workouts etc, that must feel good. We have snow forecast here as far as I know, so the country will be panicking!

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