We had quite the accumulation of snow last night and it lazily continued spitting snow all day today. The kids loved it!


I only had fourteen children today so it was difficult to really get anything done as I knew anything I taught today would need to be re-taught tomorrow. We started with a gym block as we were supposed to have our first hip hop lesson but the instructor was late. The students did pretty good at learning a few moves in the fifteen minutes we ended up having.

I decided to go ahead and teach the friends of 10 strategy for addition. The children seemed to get it quite well, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

This afternoon we started our polar bear unit by brainstorming our questions about polar bears. There were no earth shattering questions, but there was also only one silly question, so I’ll take it:)

Finally this afternoon we took the children outside so they could play in the snow. We don’t get dry, fluffy snow very often so felt they deserved the chance to just play. It was gorgeous, but very cold out.


We all got out of work quickly after school as everyone wanted to get off the hill in case it snowed me. So far it hasn’t and it had better stay that way!

I finished Liane’s toque, but I’m not sure it is going to be what she wants. She wanted a slouchy toque, but picked a bulky yarn and the two don’t seem to go together very well. I haven’t attached the Pom Pom yet until she tries it on. If anyone can shed light on this problem, please do!

This evening, I have started a knitted backpack that I had bought the yarn and pattern for this last summer. I really liked having both the yarn and pattern ready and together. Maybe I should always buy supplies and patterns this way.


Tonight I watched the movie Christmas Town. It was cute but so unrealistic that I found it tough to watch. The Christmas cafe was my favourite part of the movie.


Since I watched a hallmark movie I had to do a workout. I did a minute of jogging in between: squats, reverse lunges, burpees, pushups, crunches, jacks, froggers, plié squats, mountain climbers, reverse crunches, curtsy lunges, dips, and high knees.


Not a bad eating day until I ate six cookies after school! I think I was just trying to give myself energy.

I think now I’ll give myself energy by going to bed!

Have fun!


35 thoughts on “Lazy Snow

  1. It sounds like a nice day:) We are predicated to get snow this weekend. It seems unfair after the spring like temperatures of last weekend.
    As for the hat, I’m not sure but I suspect the bulky yarn doesn’t have the drape at the gauge it would be knit at for a hat but a fingering weight (just for contrast) yarn knit at the higher end of the recommended gauge scale would have the drape needed for the slouchy hat. There are so few stitches needed for a bulky hat that it is kind of stiff and not drapey .

    1. I appreciate you explaining it to me. So if I used a fingering weigh yarn on a bigger than usual needle, I would get a good drape?

      1. Yes. But I think you could also get it with sport or dk. The key is a few more stitches around the circumference of the hat and a longer length. With the bulky yarn there are so few stitches per inch that the hat is just going to be stiff.

  2. You’re a nicer teacher than what I had growing up. We never got to play in snow haha. But it makes sense you guys would since it doesn’t snow often near you whereas it was very common in Chicago!

    Thank you for still watching Christmas movies. Makes me feel better about all of our decorations still being up!

    1. Yes we usually only have one big snowfall a year and son years we get barely anything. That’s what we get for living in a temperate rainforest.
      You’re very welcome.🤣. I have about ten more to see

      1. Exactly! Although if it’s a weekend and it snows overnight then we’ll take Bailey to a park early so she can run around. At least she’ll enjoy the snow!

  3. So fun with the snow!!❄️
    That’s the tough part about bulky yarn! You’re not gonna get a slouchy anything! I had the same trouble with a hat I tried to do for my sister!
    Patterns and yarn together make it really easy to know what yarn to use next!

  4. I wish we could bring out kids out in the snow, but the parents don’t send in appropriate clothes for snow play. I’ve even had kids come to school without jackets never mind hats, gloves or boots. I don’t get it. Oh well.. glad you got outside and enjoy the snow while it lasted

      1. Your weather is as wacky as ours – we are on a weather rollercoaster – it is just crazy! We had rain like you have last Saturday (2.5 inches) then freezing rain, snow, then mild weather – another storm next weekend. I can’t keep up!

      2. Yikes – are you still the closest one to the school? We are slated for 3-5 inches Friday to Saturday but that SHOULD be the norm for us, though it is not this Winter. It’s a strange weather pattern for sure.

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