It was finally Friday. Having that snow day in the middle of the week was lovely, but boy did it grow me off!


Today ended up being all about the hip hop. We had a practice first thing this morning and then music class. We tackled calendar and I demonstrated a couple of math games, then we had silent reading and buddy reading. Right after lunch it was time for the performance so I really didn’t teach anything. The children did do a great job of their dance, even with very little practice time.

They were all extremely cute little cowboys.

Socializing / Eating:

We headed out right after school for downtown. We had dinner at Storm Crow Tavern and it was super good and easy for me to eat there. We shared the chickpea fries, the tacos and the Brussels sprouts and they were all gluten free and dairy free. They tasted really good, though we all agreed that the tacos were the best!

We stopped at Turks coffee and had an after dinner treat. Lyndsay had the hedgehog mocha which tastes like Nutella and I had the chai latte with oat milk. It was very good and a cute little place to stop for a minute.

Finally we made our way to the church and attended the prayer evening for my friend’s father. We were a little late due to getting lost and having to find parking, but we were there and signed the guest book. My friend didn’t see us as it was packed, but I will check in with her at another time. I could have gone up but have to admit that the open casket and eleven siblings I don’t know got the better of me.


An EA at work really loved LianeMs toque, so I am busy making her one as well. I am done the rubbing and onto the first of seven pattern repeats. Hopefully this will be done tomorrow so I can go back to my sockhead slouch!

At the same time I have been listening to the Yarniacs podcast from the start. They sure introduce you to a lot of patterns, which is pretty cool.

Well I am exhausted!

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Cowboys Everywhere

      1. A family of twelve defies imagination. My brother-in-law is one of eight, but there were two mothers. His own mother died, and his dad had two more children. They all stayed close, but they didn’t grow up together.

      2. Nope this was one mom and dad and unfortunately they lost their mom young- my friend was only 21 and she’s the middle child so there were five or six children who didn’t even get that longs with their mom

  1. Good decision on the prayers and if you put your name in the book your friend will know you were there. I missed a few posts in the week but that sounds like a good move for you and her.

  2. Sounds like you paid tribute to your friends father in a lovely way. She will be happy to see that you came when she looks at the book. I’d love to look at my father’s book but my sister won’t share that either.
    Im having my first HONEYBADGER coffee drink at our favorite coffee shop in Lake Geneva: Avant

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