Well for a day that I had no plans for, it turned out quite lovely.


I tried to go get my blood test done this morning, but one part has to be specifically timed so I’ll try again tomorrow. Thankfully I had much better luck buying a Pom Pom at the yarn store. I finished knitting the second version of the Thistle Seed Beanie with only worsted weight this time. I haven’t attached the Pom Pom yet and won’t until the EA tries it on.


I met up with Brenda at the yarn shop and we went for tea afterwards. We tried Black Sugar which was a new cafe for me. It was super busy on Saturday morning, but I have to admit I wasn’t super happy with their chai latte.


I just got home from coffee with Brenda when I got an offer to go for lunch with Lyndsay. We grabbed waffles from Green Mustache. This is really the only thing I ever order from this cafe. They are super yummy!

I’ve also had oatmeal, popcorn and cucumber with cheese today. Hopefully better than yesterday!


I did finally get out for a run this afternoon. I had to do my usual sidewalk to the park and back, but I figure that is still better than the treadmill. I knocked another 4km off. It wasn’t my fastest run as I’ve been fighting tired all day.

I’m sitting at 9 runs and 11 workouts so I’d better get back out there tomorrow!


I went tonight with Lyndsay to see Parasite and wasn’t impressed. I feel like someone should check on the mental health of the people who nominate movies for the Oscars as they all seem to be violent or depressing this year. This movie was going along pretty good until it suddenly took a turn to awful! I definitely wouldn’t vote for this movie!

Well I’m going to watch a little Hallmark to get Parasite out of my head.

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Super Surprise Saturday

  1. Loved your comment about the Oscar nominees. I have really lost interest in films that are considered Oscar caliber. My husband and I just watched The Irishman and we wanted to poke our eyeballs out. It felt like we were watching every other Irish/Italian mob movie ever made.
    Be well, my friend. xoxo

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