Yesterday morning when I was with Lyndsay, she asked what I was doing this weekend and all I had planned was a run on each morning. Well that sure changed…


I slept in this morning and then had to rush to be ready for my run with Dennis. It was pouring out again so it was a good thing that I was meeting him. We ended up doing 6.52km. It felt fast and when we were on the way back I looked at my watch and saw it was at 4.67km and I could possibly set a new PR for 5km, so I tried to step up the pace. It worked! My old PR was 31:45 and now I’m at 31:18. My goal is 30 minutes (fast for me but slow for everyone else). I was very happy to be finished and change into dry clothes!


I met up with Dennis and his wife Martha for coffee and couldn’t believe how loud and noisy Starbucks was!

Later in the afternoon, Michelle who is Life of a Canadian Girl texted to see if I wanted to go for coffee. She asked if I had anywhere new on my radar and I told her the o my two I had were about an hour away. She had nothing else going on, so agreed to try one out. (Yes she just shot to friend #1!).

We headed out to The Polly Fox. It was a very cute spot- white furniture, exposed brick wall, and natural wood tables. The small fridge case was slightly bare as we were there later in the day, but it all looked very yummy! They also had a full blackboard of drinks ( including four non dairy alternative milk), and two page breakfast and lunch menu. I got a chai latte and a cinnamon bun to eat and they were both wonderful. It took me a few mouthfuls to identify that the strong flavour in the cinnamon bun was coconut, but it was definitely not a deterrent. Michelle had a London fog and a vegan cashew bar that she finished and said was good.

What I enjoyed most about this cafe and bakery was that it was quiet and the tables were spread out so you didn’t have to eavesdrop. It was a lovely change from Starbucks!

Baking (Stretching My Skills with Sally):

Last year I tried a few of Sally’s Baking Challenge items and quite enjoyed the challenge of trying new things. I was talking with Abbey of Three Cats and a Girl and we decided to both try these challenges and then link up to talk about our results, so please check out her attempts too. I was really interested in doing this because I knew she would be doing the recipes as called for while I would need to convert them to gluten free and dairy free. I should say that I change as little as possible and just sub in gf and df ingredients to see if the recipe will still work.

For January the challenge was artisan bread. It was a very simple recipe of flour, salt, yeast and cool water that was left to rise for two- three hours and then you were encouraged to leave it for up to three days to build air bubbles in it.

I actually ended up making this recipe twice. I made it on Monday night and couldn’t leave it any longer than the two hours. I liked how this bread looked as it was a lovely browned dome, but unfortunately it didn’t rise a lot and it ended up being undervalued:(. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this one, but I cut off a thin slice from all four sides and then threw the rest away.

On Thursday night this week, I gave the recipe a second try. I had made the dough, using Bob’s Redmill All Purpose Gluten Free Flour (the recipe calls for bread flour but I don’t know if any gf bread flour) on Wednesday night and after leaving it to rise for the full three hours, I covered it and put it in the fridge. I have to admit that once again, it didn’t rise much in those three hours. On Thursday, I shapes it into two long loaves and then baked it. They only took about 18 minutes to cook rather than the 20-25. This time they were fully cooked, but it was a very hard and chewy bread. I ate all of it because even bad homemade bread is better than store bought, but I don’t think this is a recipe I will come back to again.

Thanks Abbey for taking on this challenge with me:)

I’m so grateful that my boring day at home turned into a fun day out with a friend:)

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “No Plans Changed

  1. I had bad luck with dinner rolls for Christmas dinner. The recipe said to knead the dough a certain number of minutes. I followed the instructions and probably added too much flour to keep it from sticking. The rolls looked good, but they tasted like raw flour. Ugh!

    1. Bread can sure be tricky, but once you get that perfect recipe- nothing beats it! I’m a little frustrated because I had gotten good at normal bread but now I have to start over with gf bread

      1. Years ago I baked all the bread we ate. The sourdough recipe was perfect. That all stopped when I began working. The starter is long gone, and I’ve lost the recipe. *sigh*

        I think it’s amazing that you get so much done in a day.

  2. Gluten free bread has to be the biggest challenge since the gluten is what makes the bread hold the air bubbles from the yeast. I’m not even sure how to start on that problem! I asked Abbey if I might join you two in the monthly challenge, I miss our fantastic bake along!

  3. I want you to know how much I look up to people who make it a point to exercise and take good care of themselves every day, even if it’s pouring outside. I wish I could be that person but I have 0 discipline. I do love Starbucks but it’s usually so busy and noisy that I don’t get to enjoy my coffee 😩 I definitely prefer small bakeries. As for the bread, I’ve tried to make bread several times over the years and my experience hasn’t been a good one lol first time I managed to get a second degree burn on my wrist, all the other attempts it never rises enough. Great post!

    1. I think we all have discipline in different areas. I have none when it comes to my eating;(
      Oh I hope one day you’ll try bread again as once you get it, it’s so wonderful!

  4. What an engaging post! I do love to read about food. I never went to Starbucks but have discovered their Honey Citrus Mint Tea and do treat myself with one to take home and enjoy. I have researched to try to find the recipe to make at home and I think their secret ingredient is their lemonade mix. Baking is a wonderful hobby…I plan to make scones today. Enjoy your Sunday and the upcoming week.

  5. Nice PB – and far faster than I could ever manage!! We have a bread-maker and my husband used to start it off and go to work, leaving the smell through the house, where I work. Argh!! But it was nice.

  6. sounds like you had a good weekend and found your groove in running again. hope you can figure out the bread recipe. I have found bread to be tricky especially when I do it by hand.

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