It was thankfully a better day in my classroom today, but I’m almost afraid to wonder if it will last.


The students came in and when they were done their morning jobs they had to join into a workout video I was playing from Go Noodle (a great site for lots of different types of movement for kids)! I couldn’t believe how peaceful it was. Usually the children get to read, draw or extra book, but this was much quieter than that. I even joined in when I was done my morning jobs.

We had the best calendar we’ve had in a while and then went off to music. After recess I changed things around slightly so that we had a quick go noodle, then quiet time (I need this time to work with individual kids), then our math drill and I taught the math lesson while the students were at their desks. I also chose a child to answer a question and each subsequently chose the next person. It felt like everyone was engaged in the doubles plus one lesson and everyone got their entire worksheet done:)

After an indoor lunch (I had begged for an outdoor recess), we did planners, another quick go noodle, and then silent reading at our desks. This is the first time in my career o haven’t let children sit wherever, but it was much quieter than usual:). I actually got through three children’s reading lessons! We finished he day with building a polar bear and playing dodgeball in gym.

Overall, a really good day:). Thank goodness as I’m not sure I could have taken another bad one!


After doing some start of month prep work, I got home just in time for some sunshine. I decided to combine my run with an errand and ran over to the yarn store. I felt like I was running really slowly so was completely surprised to look down and see my first kilometer was under 7 minutes. I actually ended up having a 6:43/km average, which I am completely happy with for an after work, midweek run. It was a gorgeous moment for a run!

This run also gives me equal runs and workouts for the year so far so I can go back to doing one of each per night.


I picked up a gray Pom Pom for Sarah’s toque and got that attached so that her toque can be delivered tomorrow.

I have been working on my date night Sweater and it’s been going great until I am now short one stitch:(. I have pulled out two rows but am still short. I don’t really want to pull it all out!

Well that’s it for me! I hope tomorrow is good too.

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Thankfully Better

  1. Go Noodle sounds like a great option for getting some energy out if the kids stay inside during recess. What a great idea to combine a run with an errand! You literally ran an errand ha

    1. Go Noodle is going to be my best friend I think!! I will do five a day for the rest of the year if that’s what it takes!
      Heehee I giggled about inning an errand, but I would love to do it again!

  2. I love go noodle. it is a great way to put in a quick brain break. there are a lot on there that are actually academic, but the kids don’t realize they are learning. I also like some of the calming ones. My class likes Melting. Glad you found a way to make it work and use that energy for something productive

    1. Yup we’re doing lots of it. The weather is horrible right now so they often call indoor days so we need some way to work off the energy

      1. There’s no allowing and it’s actually helping me get through more curriculum as they can sit for longer after they exercise

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