I tried to post this last night and woke up this morning to be told it couldn’t be posted, so I am trying it a different way.


I met up with Dennis, Brenda, and James for a walk this morning. Dennis and I decided to walk as we had run Saturday and this is the first time we had seen James in more than a month as he fell off his roof on Christmas Eve!

It was a nice walk, enlivened by the snow that kept coming and going.

In the afternoon I made up for walking with a 4km run to the park and back. I thought that going at 3pm would be quiet because of Superbowl, but it was surprisingly busy still. I didn’t push myself, but still maintained a decent pace and felt better for going.

I then did a Hallmark workout in the evening. I have added weights since it’s a new month. I’m starting small with just 8lbs, but plan to up it each month. I should also be able to put in more traditional weight lifting moves and not just bodyweight movements. Tonight I did: burpees, crunches, hip swings, reverse lunges, squats, pushups, froggers, reverse crunches, bridges, dips, plie squats, and curtsy lunges.

I definitely noticed the weights on the the curtsy lunges the plie squats!

I’m grateful that James wasn’t hurt worse than he was and is back on his feet.

I’m grateful for my running buddies’ humor that keeps Sunday mornings fun:)

I’m grateful for having some gym equipment at home so I don’t have to go to a gym (James has had some very interesting experiences there as he starts his recovery. People seem to have forgotten that you don’t say anything if you can’t say anything nice and that you have no idea what others are going through!)


I came home and cooked up some ground beef and made taco salads for my dinners this week. I also made up the rest of the frozen cookie dough and will take them to work tomorrow.

I also got busy and made Oh She Glows Ultimate Nutty Granola Clusters.  Last week I had bought granola and wasn’t super happy with it, so this week I made granola. This recipe was great as it took only about five minutes to put together and then the oven did the rest. I also liked how it would be very easy to change it up to make it a little different each week.

I’m grateful I like to cook and bake as homemade always tastes better than store bought.

I’m grateful there are people who create yummy recipes that are safe for people with allergies.


I spent most of the day working on my Date Night sweater. I got to the end of chart A and then didn’t know where to go, so I called my mom. Doesn’t everyone turn to mom when they don’t know what to do 🙂

It turns out that I was just supposed to repeat rows 1-8 over and over again, so Date Night got completely ripped out:(

I really needed something successful so I made a quick headband that used a ball out of my stash.  The headband had a cable in it and this turned out to be off centre for me, but I actually like how it looks.  This will become a gift or donation.

I’m grateful I have a hobby that allows me to be productive while I’m on the couch.

I’m grateful I have an awesome mom who can help me:)

Well, it was a very AJ type day, but I went to bed early as I was super tired! Now I just have to figure out why this wouldn’t post last night! GRRRRR.

Have fun!



6 thoughts on “Grateful Sunday #3 (take two)

  1. sounds like you had a decent Sunday, except the sweater issues. Glad your friend was ok after his fall… that is scary

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