Our secretary was away at work today and it was crazy. It made me realize how happy I am not to be in the middle of that. I just stayed on my classroom with my kids.


We did a new polar bear poem, changed desks for the new month, had a math drill and did a webbed feet experiment. Oh and we played outside in the freezing cold sunshine this afternoon.

I had dressed for rain and then was on recess supervision in the snow, had track practice at lunch in the sunshine and then had to sit through a very long, useless staff meeting. I heard some of the teachers afterwards saying that I push for a decision. I just want a decision made and action taken because if we “think about it”, it gets forgotten and then we end up not being able to get what we wanted. It makes sense to me, but maybe I should just not talk.


I have learned that a run is a really good idea after a staff meeting. I headed out and got 3.25km in before it got dark. I am loving having it light a little bit later. I also noticed that my Achilles weren’t as tight with running later in the day. I need to remember this!

I also did a hallmark workout this evening. I am rapidly running out of Christmas movies and will have to create a workout for regular hallmark movies soon!

Tonight I did: Bridges, squats, pushups, dips, reverse lunges, burpees, crunches, reverse crunches, lateral lunges, bicep curls, and froggers. I held 8lbs in each hand and did a minute of high knees between exercises.

Well, not an amazing day, but I survived:)

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Muddling Through Monday

  1. I completely agree!! Make a decision or don’t make a decision, but don’t waste my time with a “consultation” and go-away-and-think-about-it period.

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