It was supposed to be movie premiere instead, but unfortunately…☹️


Today was okay- we all survived and I only had to talk about manners twice:)

We got through printing, two science experiments and a reading lesson on text making sense.

A decent enough day:)


I was working on a toque for myself this morning, but it turned into a cowl when I ran out of yarn. I wore it to work today and it kept me nice and warm:)

I have started my last market bag for a friend of mine and have an order for a slouch hat. I’m going to be busy!


I had won tickets to a premiere of To All The Boys I’ve Loved: PS I Still Love You. It is the second and I loved the first. It snowed all day today at my school and calls for snow until 10pm tonight. I texted my friend to tell her I wouldn’t be coming as I don’t keep my truck equipped for driving in snow (I can walk to work). It turned to rain but then I was worried that I would just worry all night about driving home conditions. I feel so guilty missing it, but was worried too:( ugh I should just not make plans during February!

Trivia tonight was a bigger crowd:)

The animal in Life of Pi?


What show is the Jeffersons a spin-off of?

All in the Family

Which sport is mentioned a lot in Silver Linings Playbook?


What are the first five words in God Save the Queen?

God save our gracious queen

I didn’t know the music round or the Kahoot! round.

In the fourth round I knew:

Which Adam Sandler movie has him going back to school?

Billy Madison

What was the name of the maid in the Brady Bunch?


They played a clip of one of Beethoven’s symphonies and asked which one it was.

It was #5

Well I’m off to bed as I just feel kind of off tonight- everyone was annoying me at trivia.

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #38

  1. I think making a cowl out of a short-fall of yarn is perfect! We are expecting snow and sleet so I have my fingers crossed for a delay. Our winter has been rather mild and I could use a little more sleep in the morning. I would have cancelled my plans if I were in your shoes.

    1. We had snow all day, but it didn’t amount to enough to get us anything as nice as a snow day:(
      Thank you for saying – it makes me feel better.

  2. We all have those days AJ. Sorry. Fireman and I gave blood at the alternative high school today. My goodness those young adults were well behaved! I heard not one word as they worked with their teacher giving a test. It seemed they were angels! There was a stack of clean diapers and wipes in the bathroom. Obviously some of the girls are there due to pregnancy and children. But I was really really impressed

    1. Oh that’s awesome they have a program that allows them to continue their education. We have one in my district but I’ve actually never been there

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