Well I can’t even remember if today was good or bad, it was just tiring!


We got through a lesson on adding ing today and while the children got it during the lesson, the worksheet seemed to confuse them. I may try to get some time tomorrow to tackle it as a class.

We got a math drill done and three of my grade ones are now regularly getting all twenty five questions done in the minute. Of course, there’s a range because I have students who also only get one question done in a minute.

While the children went to library I ran around like a headless chicken getting stuff ready for next week. It’s going to be quite the week!

This afternoon we finished our polar bear art and while I would love to show it to you, once again I am out of media memory on here๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ™„

After school Liane and I ran Bookclub because Robyn the teacher who usually takes the lead is away sick. I always enjoy Bookclub with the kids and there was some good discussion around autism and service animals. Sometimes it’s really nice to work with that slightly older grade:)


After school I spoke with a financial advisor. I’ve never had one as I always figured I didn’t have enough money to worry about it, but my running buddy recommended this guy. I spoke with him and he seems pretty good. I have an appointment to meet him next Friday and I’m going to drag my mom along as she’s a good judge of character and always knows what types of questions to ask. I hope these skills rub off on me soon! Besides, I’ll be way more comfortable having company!


I went out for a run today and ended up on the sidewalk as it was a little darker than I was expecting. I got 4km in and it wasn’t my fastest or my slowest. I am having trouble with the fact that I didn’t get 100km in during January, so now I feel like I’m way behind. I keep trying to remind myself that I have all year to run!


I watched Christmas Chalet tonight. It was a good story, but I have to admit that the male lead bothered me. It looked like he was wearing a mask the whole time. I have to admit that so far Hallmark does better movies than Up or Lifetime (and yes I realize that to some people that doesn’t say a lot).


I got a few more rows on the market bag done. I don’t get why this bag seems to be taking so long????!!!! Oh well, hopefully over the weekend though I should really be reading my Bookclub book!

Well I’m off to bed super early:)

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Friday Eve Finally

  1. obtaining a good finical advisor can be a game change I hope he really is your guy. I also appreciate how you have a range for the kiddios we all earn at a different pace and often in a different way…

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