I don’t want to jinx it but today was finally a better day at work.


I told my students as we went through the shape of our day that if I didn’t have to raise my voice- they would get an extra long centres time in the afternoon. I had one little boy who just couldn’t control himself (running and sliding across the room), but the rest did a great job!

We got through calendar, music, quiet time, math, silent reading, desk clean out and a read aloud.

It probably helped that there was a TOC in the building for our AbEd worker who came in and actually helped children during math. I always love having an extra set of hands!


I made my first Fresh Prep meal today- Shrimp Pad Thai. When I put the first pot of water on to boil I started my timer and it took 38 minutes to make the meal. It was quite easy and the recipe card was well laid out and clear. I did think there could have been a few more shrimp, but that’s probably me just being a seafood piglet. I also was lucky that all of the sauce ingredients were going into one bowl as I wasn’t able to definitively tell the difference between some of them. Some labeling would have been nice. One thing I really appreciated was that their picture of the meal looked like mine. It didn’t look incredibly styled where the shrimp are equally spaced across the plate and all going the same way. I liked how I knew I had done it right because it looked the same as the picture.

The end result was so yummy! I liked that the hot sauce was given separately, well marked and you could add however much you wanted. The portions were quite generous and I have split the meal, meant to feed two, into four portions for meals over the next couple of days.

I am hoping to make the other meal tomorrow so I will let you know how it goes, but as of now, I would definitely do this again.


I had watched a hallmark movie last night but hadn’t gotten around to the workout so I did it tonight. I decided to do a minute of skipping between exercises, but surprisingly my heart rate didn’t seem to go as high as it does when I jog between exercises. I had thought it would be way higher! Tonight I did:

Squats, around the world lunges, plié squats, crunches, burpees, bicep curls, dips, bicycle crunches, pushups, Bridges, froggers, reverse crunches and front and side raises.


I finished my market bag. I once again used Berrocco Indigo in black for the bag and I really like this yarn for market bags. It holds up well, and yet isn’t tough on the hands. I did the fantasy naturale market bag pattern, a free pattern off ravelry. It is an easy, well written pattern that generates a bag that I think looks like the ones you can buy in the stores. We’ll see if my friend Michelle is happy with it.

I have now started on a toque for my friend Sarah’s daughter. I hope it goes quickly so I can go back to the Date Night sweater.

Well, I have to go try and read about 530 pages of my book as Bookclub is on Sunday.

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Have We Turned a Corner?

  1. Okay that shrimp pad thai description is making my mouth water- I am craving thai food in general now! I am just so amazed how you make bags like that. I’m sure you mentioned it in another post- but which book are you all reading for your book club? Thanks for sharing, AJ! I’m glad I had a couple moments to pop in- I always enjoy reading your updates!

    1. The shrimp pad Thai was so good and it held up today too! I’m already wondering when I can eat the next two servings!
      We are reading Circe. I love Greek mythology so I’m enjoying it, but it is very long!
      I’m always so happy to hear from you:)

    1. It was odd, but I guess it’s an unnecessary step since it was all being mixed together.
      I don’t think I’ll make it, but I will try to read as much as possible

  2. I happy to hear you had a better day at work. Whenever my boys acted up, I would become very quiet; it freaked them out and they would settle right down because they knew I was upset.
    My neighbor uses a service like Fresh Prep and she loves it.
    You must post photos of your market bag; i would love to see it. Is it on your Ravelry page?

    1. Yup that being quiet seems to work well:). When I first started teaching a veteran teacher told me to whisper when I felt like yelling.
      I’ve liked the fresh prep so far so hopefully the second week is as good!
      Yup my newest market bag is called Michelle’s bag on my ravelry

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