I actually forgot a couple of times that it was trivia tonight!


The two boys who were away yesterday were back today and boy did I notice!

This morning we had calendar and then went for it first rocks and rings lesson. This is a curling lesson for the kids that take place in our gym. I have to admit that I prefer the lady who came the past two years as the young guy who came today didn’t seem to have any type of sense of humor! It is cool for the children to try out curling as most have never done this before.

After recess we tackled more polar bear research and did a page about appearance. This time we had to do it as a whole group so we concentrated on having the children learn to put the fact into their own words.

Finally this afternoon we did a cloze passage, two math drills and decorated or valentine bags.


After finishing the day with children I met up with Lyndsay and Liane for our bootcamp workout.

We did 20second tabatas with 10 seconds rest and did the following exercises:

Plank with feet on medicine ball/ jump squats to press up

Up downs / hip bridge to hamstring curl in medicine ball

Swing lunges/ v yucks

Plank punch/ kneel to squat jump

Crunch/ mountain climbers

Sumo squat to froggers/ front plank with side to side hip dips

ISO squat with front raise/ ground to press.

I definitely was feeling it in my arms as they were already sore from yesterday.

When I can home I went directly out for a run to keep my runs and workouts even. I just squeaked out 3.32km to the park and back. It wasn’t super fast, but was at a respectable pace. I really do find that this spot on the bottom, side of my left foot is really bugging me and I am wondering if it is causing my Achilles to be sore on that side too.πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–


I have spent some more time this morning and evening getting a second slouchy toque done as the one I did first was deemed too big and wide. I had thought it would be and thankfully both are in seed stitch which I enjoy doing.


Tonight there were four of us again:

In the first round, we knew:

What were the two actors in the first MIB?

Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones

What is 2/3 of 60- 15% of 60?


Which movie was Leo DiCaprio not in?

Edward Scissorhands

What do men talk about that women pretend to be interested in?


Which car manufacturer is number one in Sweden?


Where is Kim Crawford wine from?

New Zealand

On the keyboard what comes between d and j?


In the music round:

Long Cool Woman by The Hollies

Wild World by Cat Stevens

Ordinary Day- Great Big Sea

In the third round:

Who has the most career playoff points in Canucks history?

Jyrki Lumme

Which college team is known as the Crimson Tide?


Who did Eric Lindros not play for?


What did Alfred Nobel invent?


How much is a large straight worth in Yahtzee?


Which planet rotates clockwise?


What determines a number on the periodic table?

Number of protons in the nucleus

What is the name of a triangle with three different sides?


What is the name of Joan Jett’s band?

Black Hearts

For the final round I went home early so I don’t know which ones I got.

Well I’m going to bed!

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #39

  1. Really amazing trivia questions. I thought I knew hockey well, but would never have guessed Jyrki Lumme for Canuck playoff points.

    An extremely full day. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€ πŸ’ͺ

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