I was happy to finish a project.


We had a pretty productive day! This morning we did calendar and the children went off to music. I was a little ticked that student services came in with the OT and took over my classroom for my entire prep!!😖😖. After recess we tackled our polar bear research and managed to finish the writing of the facts. In the afternoon, about half the class finished their pictures, but the rest will have to finish up tomorrow.

We also finished three math drills and our valentine bags. The afternoon was quite peaceful which was a nice change.

We have been using the Go Noodle website a lot these past couple of weeks, but today I tried a new YouTube video from Cosmic Yoga. I did the Winter Wonderland which was a five minute routine and I loved it because it did yoga moves but was also quite the workout as the moves didn’t last long. I will definitely be trying more of these videos!


I hung around after school to speak with a parent and get some things done, but unfortunately with every minute I stayed at school I felt less like going for a run or working out. Thankfully I got over this and got a quick run to the park in before dark. I figure 2.78km is better than no kilometers:)

I also did my first non-Christmas hallmark movie workout today. I didn’t get a ton of reps so I went with two exercises for each event. This led me to do:

Squats and plié squats

Pullovers and bicep curls

Crunches and reverse crunches

Bridges and plank

Burpees and Around the world lunges

Front, side and diagonal raises

Froggers and high knees

Pushups and dips

Side shuffle and standing adductors

Wood chops and rows

I did a minute of jogging between each.

I realized I always concentrate on getting my heart rate up, but I’m starting to realize that this shouldn’t be my focus when I’m doing weights. I’ll get better about this:)


I finished the slouchy toque for my secretary’s daughter. I did it in a seed stitch pattern and am hopeful this one will work better!

Well I need sleep!

Have fun!


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