I really love thinking of Friday this way and in fact, today was my Friday!!!🎉🎊


It was a tough day because the kids were so excited, but it wasn’t too bad. That’s probably because we did no work! We had curling class this morning, then we handed out valentines and went to library. After lunch we had silent reading, watched a Charlie Brown Valentine video and filed a bunch of work.

Of course in the middle of this we had an inside lunch and a popcorn sale. Ugh!

We also used the cosmic yoga again and the kids were completely engrossed in the trolls yoga!


I had a staff social at one of the local brew pubs after work. It was a great group of about six of us and nice to just sit around talking:)


I have been all about knitting since I came home and I got a headband done. It was supposed to be for the gift box, but I think I like it enough to keep it. The pattern is a free pattern on Ravelry called Headband Anna


and it’s super cute and quick. It’s simply a band with a braid halfway through. I used just some leftover yarn but it would be lovely in some expensive yarn too:)

The seed stitch slouchy hat was a success! That’s the end of my obligation knitting so it’s back to the Date Night sweater, I go.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Friday Eve

      1. There were a lot of training in computer applications that clerical staff would benefit from more than the faculty. I don’t know why they exclude us. Obviously, the aides and monitors don’t come in because there is nothing student related, but still…frustrating!

      2. Oh that’s not good you don’t get to go if there are topics that apply to you! It drives me nuts when others get to make decisions about what would be helpful for me!

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