I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks!


This is a picture of the project that has set on my shelf for the past eleven years. (And I’m sorry I didn’t realize I had it upside down on the last update). This year I am determined and it at least sits on my coffee table now. This is where I was at three weeks ago.

And this is where I am now:

It still doesn’t seem to look like much. I have filled in the curtain a bit more and started on the work basket contents. Kathy you will laugh as I did keep track of my stitches again and I put in 135 stitches this time which beat my 125 from the last update. I find I can only stitch on really bright days so that can be difficult when we have so many grey, rainy days. Oh well, it’s still better than the eleven previous years!

Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress! There are some amazing projects! If you’re interested in joining, just click on Avis’ link.


















Mary Margaret








40 thoughts on “SAL Update

  1. try not to fixate on how much you get done lol. Little & often, and you’ll soon see this lovely piece grow at its own speed.

      1. my favourite time to stitch is in the evening while listening to something on TV. I usually manage about 2 hours of crafting every evening, but that’s not always xstitch.

      2. I’m knitting too atm, working on a cardie for toddler grand daughter . . . so will have to force myself to put knitting needles down and do some xstitch lol.

      3. Lol I aim for one hour of cross stitch a day on the weekends. Not much but definitely more than I’ve done for the past eleven years. I am working on a sweater for myself right now so don’t want to do anything else

  2. Bright days certainly help, no matter what I’m working on. I find I cannot stitch at the end of a day whereas most people seem to find that a good time to stitch for relaxation. My eyes are too tired by then I guess. Keep up with this, I want to see it done!

      1. I’m going to dig it out – it came with the permanent embroidery hoop and a brown calico ruffle around it … my bedroom was done in beige and brown tones at the time … it changed color themes twice since then. 🙂 I had so many projects scheduled for Winter and we’ve had a mild Winter so I got to none of them.

      2. Well after doing some stitching I’d say it’s a better spring/summer project for those bright days that are just too hot to do anything else!

      3. I am going to look for it – for years I’ve kept it in a box inside the sewing basket. Been years since I even opened the sewing basket. I used to sew my own clothes back in the day as I couldn’t find pants tall enough – exact opposite of your problem. 🙂

      4. You should definitely find it and join the SAL! I thought I knew where my project was, but it turned out I didn’t after eleven years

  3. I can totally appreciate the amount of time cross stitch takes. Do you use one color at a time? I would thread multiple needles and keep them on the ready. Looks great so far.

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