It was so lovely on Saturday, after having two days off, to think of the fact that I had another two days off still to go! I ❤️❤️ this four day weekend!


Yesterday morning I ran Colony Farm with Dennis. I just couldn’t keep up with him. I haven’t had a 7:05km in a long time, but that was my first one. Thankfully I got faster from there, but I was definitely not a speed machine yesterday. We ended up with 5.15km as the path is still blocked, but it was at least something.

Last night I did a Hallmark workout which was a minute of jogging in between: squats, dips, Bridges, upright rows, bent over rows, front raises, lateral raises, crunches, reverse crunches, pushups, pullovers, plank, mountain climbers, bicep curls, reverse lunges, and plié squats.

I need to read up on heart rate zone training as I never know if being in zone 5 is a good thing or not.

This morning I headed out to a local lake for a run with my friend Sarah. I knew it would be a run/walk as part of the lake trail is very rugged so I put my watch on for a walk so I wouldn’t worry about our pace. We did it in less time it takes to walk the lake, so I’ll take it as a success. My watch was definitely acting weird though as it’s tough to get a signal out there. We did the access road on the second side as we figured the path would be super busy by that time as it was such a nice morning. I actually liked the road as we could more easily run.

Cooking / Baking:

Yesterday I made Rockfish Laksa in 38 minutes and today I made Roast beef with winter vegetables and a cherry demi glacé in 35 minutes. Both were very yummy and I got 5 servings out of each which makes me happy as it brings the cost down to about $5 per meal. I do like fresh prep for the fact that I get to cook as I like to cook and it is definitely quicker as you don’t have to chop everything and you don’t have to measure. I think the lack of measuring really speeds things up. Here are my meals:

I also got baking and made the lemon vegan cake (cupcakes) from Nora Cooks. The cupcakes were again easy to make, but I have to admit the batter looked weird to me and the cupcakes are chewier than I expected. I couldn’t resist putting cream cheese frosting on them, even though it is way too soft, just as Nora said. Oh well, it tastes yummy!


I have spent a great part of the last two days knitting ( probably when I should have been cleaning).🤣. I have finished the Date Night sweater and it is blocking on my floor right now. This sweater looked tiny when I finished it, but the pattern says it will block much bigger. I sure hope it does as otherwise, some kindergartener is getting a new sweater!

I have since started another toque. I had a random ball of turquoise yarn under my table that kept falling out and driving me crazy so I decided it needed to be used next but was having trouble figuring out what to make. I have decided on a toque and have to say that so far I am loving it! The only thing I may not love is that there is no defined ribbed band. I’ll have to see if that bothers me when I’m done.

Well I need sleep as tomorrow is going to come as a shock!

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “Bonus Days

  1. I have never heard of Family Day and I just told a fellow blogger that Americans don’t get enough days off … I cited your Civic Day and now Family Day. Time to move back to my homeland. I had to laugh when you said: ( probably when I should have been cleaning) … it sounds like something I’d say and go right back to whatever I was enjoying doing. 🙂

      1. After spending a sunny and beautiful day Sunday for self-imposed housework, I decided no more housework on the weekends. I used to do housework, laundry, and household “chores” in the morning before going out to walk since I am up early.
        But I’ve been spending more and more time on the computer, and dashing out the door every morning, without doing anything, resulting in tons to do on the weekend. I decided not to come here in the
        morning after today, just at night. Hopefully that works out … but I have to moderate my time so I can take longer walks, take photos and then write posts on the weekend. It never was a problem when I did shorter posts … hmm, maybe that should have been the way too go, but I am enjoying the whole blogging writing/picture-taking experience too much.

      2. I had to make some excisions about blogging this year too and I decided to read less blogs as that was eating hours of my day:(

      3. I’ve had to do that too AJ – you sit down and it is like any other social media … the hours just fall away while you are immersed in WP, etc. I found I could not stay afloat and keep up anymore. I was annoyed with myself and my self-imposed “day of housework” because I could no longer find time to get some things done every morning. It just spun out of control. With Spring on the way, I have to make adjustments.

      4. That is where I have ended up and soul searching last weekend, I decided that the books I bought are going unread, nothing gets done anymore, so I have to step away, plus I have lots of ankle swelling from sitting so much – that worries me!

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