Amazingly I survived!


It was a pretty good day. We had writer’s workshop and built our love list which is simply a bank of writing ideas each kid does.

We tackled two math drills and finished our writing about Rocks and Rings. It was like pulling teeth to get any writing about this from the kids!

This afternoon we brainstormed places in our community and played outside since it was sunny.

Not bad and I didn’t have to raise my voice:). You could definitely tell the children had had four days off though!


I had a workout with Lyndsay after school and had to do:

Lunges with front raise, lunges with lateral raise, thrusters, plank jacks,


I was desperately trying to get my toque done before trivia, but had to leave with three rows to go. I want to do this pattern again and put a band on it. That will be next.

My latest sweater- Date Night – a free pattern from Knitty. It turned out to be super easy though it took me enough tries to get it done. I ended up with less than a yarn of yarn leftover!

Oh and here’s the toque- Irish Hiking Beanie by Knit2Purl2 – a free pattern on Ravelry. I love the pattern and it was a quick knit. I want to do another and have a different ribbed band.


It was just two of us tonight and we agree that when we know something, we know it, but when we don’t know it, we can’t even make a good guess.

Here’s what we knew tonight:

Who was Tom Cruise’s character on Mission Impossible?

Ethan Hunt

What sport is featured in the movie Raging Bull?


Where is the hockey hall of fame?


Who wrote Lord of the Flies?

William Golding

How many edges are there on a cube?


Which Italian created the baroque style?


Where is the largest RCMP detachment?


What vaccine did Pasteur create in 1885?


Who designed the VW Bug?


What is equal to 1024 gigabytes?


Where are the Beatles from?


What is Mick Jagger’s real name?

Michael Jagger

Who were the three nephews in Duck Tails?

Huey, Louis, Dewey

Who has won more Stanley Cups?

Eastern Conference

Which city is in Manitoba?

Flin Flon

What is Meatloaf’s number two song?

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Ok I’m off to bed, have fun!


30 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #40

    1. Trivia always seems so hard to me. I do t know how teams get perfect scores? I think you need a ton of people and different ages.
      Thanks- I’m happy with both of those items:)

  1. I did not do so great tonight! I saw Meatloaf one time … my mom and I were visiting her uncle, now long gone, who worked at Lulu’s Roadhouse, a huge venue that sported the longest bar in the world as their claim to fame … they had different singers there, lots of country western and the time we were visiting him, and Meatloaf was there that night. It was in Kitchener, Ontario. He had moved out to Victoria, B.C. to open an antique store, but missed friends and family in the Guelph area, so he sold his stock and moved back home. He had a strange gig there, selling these bracelets and necklaces or some people used them on their heads like a halo – they lit up in the dark and were a novelty there … he was making a small fortune on selling them that night. This was Lulu’s now closed for twenty years.

      1. Yes, the place was huge – it had been a Super KMart store at one time I think he said. It was the largest nightclub in Canada and largest bar in the world. You almost needed a map to get around. 🙂

      2. Yes it was huge – I remember saying to my mom that how can they clear out the entire place and know that no one is sleeping somewhere and ends up spending the night there?

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