I can’t even decide if it was a good day…


I felt behind all day! We got through list writing in Writer’s Workshop. I love teaching list writing-so funny to see what they’ll list off!

We started our student perspective for the report card but only got through one question so we’ll have to tackle that again tomorrow.

This afternoon we brainstormed jobs in the community and then went outside to play.

Not a bad day though there were issues at lunch between my boys. I wonder if they’re ever going to learn??


After writing another three report cards I got out for a very short run. I wish it could have been longer since it wasn’t raining, but I had to get home to shower.


So I had a date tonight… We met for coffee and he did buy my tea. He has a good sense of humor and actually reminds me of my brothers. Unfortunately I have no idea what he thought of me as he didn’t mention getting together again. I guess we’ll see.

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Friday Eve

      1. Well, when I used to run, and now when I take long walks, I actually prefer to do them alone. I get a lot of cobwebs out of my head and it becomes a very special time for me to recharge. I prefer being at the gym with a buddy though.

    1. Lol it was okay, though I gave him the strong hint that I wondered if he had any vocabulary other than the f word. I haven’t heard anything yet which makes me think I probably won’t

  1. Pretty much a good day for you. The date sounds interesting, at least he was nice, though the “lack of vocabulary” would be my red light. But then I used to tell the HS boys that if they wanted to use the f word in my presence, I would let them walk home…..from Texas or Nebraska. It’s my pet peeve!😆

    1. I grew up with all guys and I’m sure they talk like that, but not around me! I don’t like listening to that!
      I like your threat!🤣

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