It was a good day, but with odd moments.


It was actually a pretty good day. We got through a community poem this morning and the printing of m. We got through the counting back strategy for subtraction and a community ABC mini book.

More important to me was that I got through all but one reading assessment and three more report cards. It is so great writing report cards in the same room as my friend as with the little people who drive me crazy in many ways- she is able to tell me what sticks out to her when she’s in the room and I comment on that.

A few years ago when I had older students I had a chart where they got a sticker for every 100 minutes of reading. I have been at a loss to figure out how to motivate my students to do their home reading as so far only two boys have brought in five home reading sheets (how many they’ve had time for). So today, I started a chart where they get a sticker for every home reading sheet they bring back. I am hoping this will light a fire under a few of my competitive children and get them to read!


After work I had a massage, and read some more of the kids Bookclub book.

I had a real hankering for protein and had some chickpeas in the fridge so decided to roast them up. I used a recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook which called for a little bit of olive oil and then garlic powder, onion powder, salt and cayenne. They were so good! I didn’t use precise measurements, but just sprinkled a bit of each on. I highly recommend this recipe. Back on parchment lined pan for 20 minutes at 400 degrees, shake the pan and hen bake for another 15 minutes.


It was tv night. I knew:

Which city did Cheers set in?


What was the cul de sac in Knots Landing:

Seaview Circle

Who was the teacher in Head of the Class?

Howard Hessman

What was the name of the boat on The Love Boat?

Pacific Princess

Where did Three’s Company take place?

Santa Monica

What were the two character’s names on Mad About You?

Paul and Jamie

What were the three girls names on Full House?

DJ, Stephanie, Michelle

Which show is Doogie Hauser now on?

How I Met Your Mother

Who played the Big Head on 3rd Rock From the Sun?

William Shatner

What character did Drew Carey play on Drew Carey Show?

Drew Carey

Who was Kevin’s girlfriend on Wonder Years?


Are Fred Savage and Ben savage related?


Who played the Nanny on The Nanny?

Fran Drescher

Which war is MASH set in?


What was the name of the father in Frasier?

Martin Crane

What was the name of the daughter in All in the Family?


What is the movie that continues Breaking Bad?

El Camino

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #41

    1. I didn’t do great either! He had told us the shoes so he questions were super obscure. It didn’t help that I didn’t have time to study.
      I’m not vegan either and love it! So yummy!

  1. The Full House questions was so easy!

    I’m not sure your schools rules on this but you could say that if each child brings in X number or home reading sheets then you’ll bring in a treat like cookies or brownies. That could motivate kids

  2. Well I knew the players in the “old” TV shows but could not have told you the cul de sac for Knots Landing- where was I? I never missed that show back in the day! 🙂

    1. Lol I only knew that one because a guy at another table had studied the locations for each show and so he had told us that one right before trivia started.

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