Well the day was good except for two moments.


We did Writer’s Workshop this morning and made cards for one of the little boys who was off having his adenoids removed this week. I love it when we can make writing purposeful.

After recess we got through two math drills and then the children were off to library. I got most of the prep for next week finished at this time, though as I write this I realize I forgot to find a video on fact families. Oh well, Monday.

Finally this afternoon we worked on our community art some more and once again the children were doing great! We aren’t quite done though so we’ll have to give more time on Monday.

I did lose my cool twice today- once when a little girl reported that another little girl was trying to pull down her pants. Grrrr! I gave her a very stern talking to and made Er apologize. I hope she got the point, but with this little girl I really doubt it☹️. The second time was when I asked the boys to clean up and they went as usual straight to talking. Can they not just do as they are asked when they are asked?!?!?!😖

Other than those two moments, it was a pretty good day.


After spending three hours finishing up report cards, I got to come home and start knitting. I have finished determining the weight of each of my yarns and have them sorted by weight. It was great when I pulled out a pattern and could easily grab the two balls of yarn that were required.

The hat I have started is the June Hat by Meghan Kelly- a free pattern on Ravelry. It is super easy or so I thought. It calls for you to slip every 11th stitch with the yarn in back, but mine is not coming out like everyone else’s:(. Theirs looks like a raised knit stitch, but mine looks like the same stitch carried up. Please someone help…

Update: It would help if I read more carefully, I think I have it now:)

We’ll I guess I should go to bed.

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Knitter Help Please

    1. Yup this year we wrote letters to enlisted servicemen or vets and now a card for a friend. We would like to get one more for third term.

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