I had another AJ day and it was as wonderful as ever. My only problem is definitely a first world problem!


I yet again couldn’t sleep in, so I was up in plenty of time for my run with Dennis. He picked me up and we went to Burnaby Lake Park with the plan to run the end of the Central Valley Greenway which runs from the lake to a very busy road. This bike path does carry on, but only on roads so I vetoed going further.

I had warned Dennis this morning that I wouldn’t be able to run fast as I was concentrating on weight loss right now (read being very careful with my calories) and I had heard on a podcast that if you’re concentrating on weight loss you can’t expect speed.

Well my run started slowly, but then the next four kilometers were all very close to 6:00 kilometers. At the end, I was five seconds off of my fastest five km ever and boy was I kicking myself for that slow start.

This path would be a great place to try for a 5km record as it’s 2.48km out and it is about as flat as it gets around here.

This evening I also did 28 minutes of yoga. When I was at the library I took pictures of a yoga sequence in a magazine and decided to try it out as I know I need to do more stretching. The sequence was okay, but I ended up adding a whole bunch of other moves to it. I really need to sit down and make a list of yoga moves as when I’m doing them, I can’t think of any!


I hit the library to return a book today and though I was not supposed to get any more books, I of course came home with four more. I plan to go curl up in bed and read as soon as I get this post up!


I knew I had no choice but to get at least one of my Fresh Prep meals cooked up today. I decided on the Veggie Machine Tahini Bowl. This recipe said it would take 25 minutes, however it took me 40 minutes. You start by roasting sweet potato and chickpeas and cooking rice. You then marinate kale and red cabbage and make a tahini dressing. You layer these ingredients and top with cilantro and avocado.

There was nothing difficult about this recipe and it did have a good kick of spice to it. Fresh Prep did forget to include the rice spice, but they have given me a credit for it, so that was kind of them and I didn’t notice it’s absence. I would definitely get this one again, but also feel that it would be quite easy to alter at home according to personal taste.

Baking (Stretching My Skills with Sally):

Last year I tried a few of Sally’s Baking Challenge items and quite enjoyed the challenge of trying new things. Most of the people in my life asked why I was doing this, thankfully there are people like Abbey! I was talking with Abbey of Three Cats and a Girl and we decided to both try these challenges and then link up to talk about our results, so please check out her attempts too. I was really interested in doing this because I knew she would be doing the recipes as called for while I would need to convert them to gluten free and dairy free. I should say that I change as little as possible and just sub in gf and df ingredients to see if the recipe will still work.

For February, the challenge was Perfect Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting. I have to admit that I had no idea what this frosting was as I hadn’t heard of it. After making it, it reminds me of the frosting on a DQ ice cream cake and that used to be one of my favourite parts of that cake, so I’m glad I made it.

The recipe only takes five ingredients- egg whites, sugar, butter, vanilla and salt. I was doing really well with the egg whites and sugar and I did get stiff peaks, however, once I added the butter and vanilla, my frosting was quite runny. I put it in the fridge like Sally suggests for this problem, but it never recovered.

The recipe didn’t seem super tough, but maybe I shouldn’t say that as I wasn’t particularly successful. One thing I would say about this recipe- I wouldn’t attempt it without a really good stand mixer!!!

These are my poor cupcakes which I will force upon my running buddies tomorrow.

Thanks Abbey for taking on this challenge with me:)


All the rest of my day has been taken up with knitting (oh and a little stitching so I have something to show for the SAL next week).

I seem to be averaging a Hat a day, so today’s hat is he Kitimat – another free pattern on Ravelry. This is actually named after the city North of me by many hours. The pattern page shows it in gray and white which I loved, but I also really liked it in my purple and white worsted weight. The pattern was really simple to follow, though I did find it a bit long. I also learned that I may use my Michael’s gift card for a Pom Pom market!

Finally I also made another small headband which got me to my stash goal. Every skein used now is just gravy!

That is my big problem- I want to make a sweater, but there are so many I want to make that I just can’t decide. It has gone past fun to debilitating. I am wondering how everyone else chooses what they are going to knit next?????

Well my books are calling me… right

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Stretching My Skills with Sally

  1. The hat looks great! I have a hard time deciding on sweaters. I have made a few because the kit was available on Craftsy, I’ve knit two because I was given yarn and searched for what would work for it, but the sweaters I wear the most are the ones that I see and know that I need to make and cast on right away.

  2. You are too funny! It takes me a while to decide on a sweater pattern, too. I typically start adding patterns to a bundle on my ravelry page. I look at other finished projects to see if it flatters a variety of people, Then I run it by my knitting friends and we chat about it. Can you see it is a process!! That being said, I only have sweaters that I absolutely LOVE in my closet.

  3. Well, this was a good day for you, and you are 5K closer to SD now; I think we should make a map! You can email me your real address and we can keep track together if you like. 🙂 As for sweaters, I go to Ravelry periodically and mark what I like, the go back at another time, and start winnowing. That way I have options on the ready for whatever I am inspired to knit.

    1. I will message you about the trip as I love that idea and it was similar to what I was thinking about:)
      Ok that’s a good idea to go have a couple of extra looks at stuff I have favorited on ravelry:)

  4. I absolutely love that hat!! The colors are so pretty and I love the design! That’s sad about the buttercream, but I had the same struggles. We’re going to make lemon whoopie pies tonight and put it in between there, so we’ll see if it holds up. I am absolutely loving doing this with you!

    1. I love the hat too and can’t wait to try it in different colours!
      I’m loving doing this with you too! So glad we planned this- it makes even the duds fun:). Let me know if it works in the Whoopie pies as I have an entire container of it left that I don’t know what to do with

  5. Ha – it’s dangerous to go to the library!

    I lost a load of weight all at once due to high anxiety and it really messed with my running, so I hope you can find a good balance.

    1. I’ve put on a few pounds so trying to feet rid of these 8 before it gets out of control!!!
      It hasn’t seemed to impact me yet, thankfully!

  6. Anything with “tahini” in the title- yes please! That meal sounds great. That frosting sounds amazing. I can practically taste it as you describe it like the DQ one! Hope you are enjoying your books 🙂

    1. Both were so yummy! I just like food!!!!
      I am really into one of them- so much so that I resented having to go to work today!

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