I first have to be grateful for the fact that my weekend seemed calm and a little longer than usual.


I’m grateful for running buddies who wait for me when I’m somehow running late. I have no idea where the time went this morning. I did get to the park in time to do a hilly 3.8km in sleet. That’s why it was only 3.8km! I looked down at the first kilometer and it was super slow so then I had to pick up the speed to make sure that my average would be under 7:00/km. I didn’t want to undermine my average pace which has been steadily dropping this year. Now I just have to get it through my gas that it can’t continue to drop all the time!

I’m grateful for a running buddy who said it felt super fast to him too, though we weren’t really going that fast.

This evening I got a hallmark workout in. I kept my word and went up to ten pound weighted since it’s a new month and added four pound weights to my minute of jogging between each of these moves: burpees, froggers, dips, pushups, crunches, reverse crunches, Superman, raises, pullovers, bicep curls, around the world lunges, squats, plié squats, Bridges, and mountain climbers. It was at least something!

I’m grateful to have some equipment at home so I didn’t have to venture out in the wet.


I did my second Fresh Prep meal of the week called turkey scallopini with broccoli and rice. It was supposed to take 25 minutes and it took me thirty. It tasted really good, though the amount of broccoli seemed skimpy to me. It was easy to make and quite yummy and I got five servings out of it, so I’m happy.

I am wondering if I’m sending more on groceries with getting this as I’m not as organized with my grocery shopping and food prep. I guess I’ll find out soon enough as I’ve skipped this week’s ordering.

I’m grateful to have access to a program that allows me to try new dishes.

I’m also grateful I enjoy time in the kitchen as otherwise that would be a lot of time I didn’t enjoy in life.


I have to admit that most of the day was spent knitting and listening to the Yarniacs podcast. I am about halfway through their episodes now. They mentioned 2 knit lit chicks podcast but I can’t find their first episodes- anyone know where they are?

Sharlene has mentioned she tries to teach something each episode and during episode 100 I learned something great! I always have to look up M1R and M1L and usually end up writing a note on every planner, but they mentioned a trick to remembering.


M1L- I LEFT the FRONT door open

For right you go into the back and for left you go into the front. I hope I never forget this again!

I’m grateful for any tips people pass along. I’ll also be grateful to never have to look this up again!

I had started a Cowl just to use up another skein of yarn, but ended up living it so I will be keeping it. In fact I have started another just like it.

Now I just have to figure out an outfit to go with this tomorrow. I’m like a little kid and have to wear my new stuff right away.

I’m grateful to end up with something I like. I’m grateful to be six skeins under my stash goal with a whole twelve days to go still:)

Most of all I’m grateful for quiet weekends where I get to knit and bake and cook run:)

I’m also grateful for modern conveniences that allowed me to get my dishes and my laundry done while I knitted.

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Grateful Sunday #4

  1. You’ve written many times about using up your stash of yarn, and recently you’ve kept some things for yourself. I am imagining a box full of yarn diminishing as your closet bursts at the seams. Will some of the clothes soon live on the balcony?

    1. Thanks! I have been happy with the fresh prep but I don’t think it will be an every week thing for me. I’m going to try next week and see if I can make two recipes cheaper

  2. That is so sweet of your running buddies to wait for you. Sometimes time just escapes! I swear that happened yesterday while reading in bed since it was practically lunch by the time I got up and showered.

    To me, new recipes always take longer than stated to make. I think it’s because you have to check the directions a few times and measure out different ingredients instead of eyeballing like I do with recipes I make all the time.

    Love the cowl!

    1. They were sweet and I wasn’t even the last to arrive:)
      My recipes always take longer until I get used to them and I think you’re right- it’s just unfamilarity

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