It seemed like just another day.


We got through calendar where the children got to watch me persevere on getting new tennis balls put on to our desk legs. I love having them as they cut down the noise of the classroom so much, but boy are they tough to get on!

The students had music and I furiously entered all the proficiency scales for their report cards.

We then tackled subtracting a number from itself and our math drill.

Finally this afternoon we talked about types of communities and had our first gymnastics lesson. This year we hired a company to come in and teach gymnastics, but I was seriously less than impressed with what I saw today:(

After spending an hour getting all the report card comments copy and pasted online, I met with a parent and then headed home.


I dragged out one of my books yesterday, The Ten Pound Shred by Tommy Europe and decided I would try following his exercise plan for a bit. I’d love to follow the food plan, but those never work for me because I’m about half the size of a regular person, so I’ll just stick with the exercise.

Today I went for a run, to get some more mileage for my Run To Rapid City and managed 5.36km on this gorgeous day. When I looked down at the third kilometer and saw that I had gotten faster every kilometer, I tried to slow down, but I actually only managed to maintain the same pace for the last 2.36km. I’m okay with that:)

I saved my workout for later in the evening and ended up doing three sets of 40 seconds of: burpees, rows, leg raises, lunges with curls, pushups, jogging, leg extension and raise, and bicycle crunches.

There were definitely some moments that were a challenge, but it was nice to do something new too.


My only other accomplishment was to do some knitting on the sweater that I figure will be too big. I did check the cast on number and it’s the same as I did for my winter sweater, but we shall see. I figure I will knit to the separation for the sleeve and then try it on. My question for you all today is what sequence my stripes should go in?

This is what I have so far- the turquoise is the neckline of the sweater. I can’t decide if I should go back to turquoise and work down again or if I should go to magenta and work back up to turquoise before going back down again. Please let me know your opinion:)

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Another Day with a Knitting Question

    1. Lol sorry bout that! I so shouldn’t do the post right before bed!
      I am hoping that the gymnastics goes better today as we’re supposed to have a different teacher.

    1. Ok that’s two for turquoise. That had been my plan and then when I finished pink I got this other idea and wondered which would be best. I should probably try not overthinking- life would be easier!

      1. I think either one would look nice. The only time I have seen is the other way was with variations on the same color. Very pretty.

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