It was thunderous!


We got through writing directions in Writer’s Workshop this morning which is one of my favourite lessons to teach!

After recess I was just going down to get the principal to deal with my boys throwing yogurt around a girl who has severe allergies when I ran into a father who was coming to talk to our class about his job as a police officer. Of course, he was a week early but I didn’t mention that. I alerted Liane to it and we went with it. Of course it meant that I also missed my prep today:(. The kids loved the presentation as he had also brought the prisoner van for them to see. It was definitely the highlight of their week, I think.

This afternoon we had a second parent presentation from a speech and language pathologist. It was interesting, but also brought back lots of memories, ughhh, all those hours!!!

Finally we had gymnastics and the new teacher was great! The kids had a really good time and it was well run:)

We had the kids Bookclub after school and it was smaller than usual, but still enjoyable:)

Finally we finished our prep, posted our report cards and I got to come home:)


I was wanting to run after school, but for some reason I had a very unhappy stomach after school, but this evening I managed to at least do a hallmark workout. I did a minute of jogging between these exercises:

Pullovers, squats, pushups, Bridges, burpees, mountain climbers, bicep curls, froggers, military press, front raise, plié squats, reverse lunges, crunches and reverse crunches

Something is always better than nothing!

Well I’m going back to my book!

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “Thunderous Thursday

  1. That was nice you were able to make the father’s week early talk work! I’m sure he would’ve been very embarrassed to realize he had the date wrong.

    1. I’m sure and I didn’t want to do that to him. I’m sure he’ll realize one day when he sees the email again.

  2. Any coronavirus plans in place at school? Are you already disinfecting and washing your hands a lot? I bet you are. Stay well. Seems the virus is not as tough on healthy kids so that’s nice.

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