I’ve been feeling really flabby and out of shape this week, actually mostly like a baby elephant. When I started thinking about it, I realized I ate out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and will probably be again tomorrow. No wonder!! As soon as I go out I’m eating more than I should, but here’s the quandary… I like having a social life. Ugh somehow I need to find how to balance social life and weight🤔


It wasn’t a bad day, but maybe that’s because we didn’t learn much. My students started the day with gymnastics, then music. We had quiet time and calendar after recess. We finally tackled some learning with fact families. All but two students seem to have gotten it. I will need to pull them next week and see about going over the concept with manipulatives.

This afternoon we had planners, silent reading and centres. Thank goodness for our math drills and fact family work or we would have done nothing all day!!


One of our teachers has been really feeling stressed this week so she suggested going out for drinks. We got one of the local pubs and it was a lovely hour of socializing:)

And more food! I should have asked for just the sandwich:(


I spent a lot of time cutting my odds and ends into 4-8″ pieces as my friend is going to put them out for the birds.

I did get a bit of knitting in, and am really hoping this sweater will fit me! Of course I may grow into it quickly if I keep eating out!🤣


Today I finally set my goodreads goal for my usual 100 books and it says I’m six books behind! I had asked my co teacher Liane if she wanted to hit Chapters with me tonight. We had a lovely couple of hours looking at books though I came home with no books. Even though I have a gift card to spend!


I think I’ll just go to bed!

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “No Wonder

  1. But fries are so yummy and friends are so good for the soul!!!

    My school week has been ROUGH. Got headbutted with a mild concussion and bitten hard enough to draw blood. The wee one was “so sorry!” It broke me heart. Sometimes my SpEd kiddos know not what they do! 🤕

    1. Oh I’m so sorry you had a tough week! I know my kids always feel bad too. That’s why I work with children instead of adults, they do t actually k ow better for the most part.
      That’s exactly my problem- I don’t want to have no life!

    1. Oh sorry- manipulatives can be any object, though most of the time I use little blocks, that the children can use to actually physically do a math concept. For example- a pile of six red blocks gets added to a pile of three blue blocks to demonstrate 6+3. Hope that helps

  2. I hear you, though my problem is eating in!😜 I did leave Max asleep in the garden today and do my old 1.8 mile circuit around the park today. Yesterday I drove him to the park, and we did the loop which he loved, but today I was stiff, so I guess I better get my butt moving a lot more!

  3. I would love to reach out and grab a few of those pub fries and munch down on that sandwich AJ. 🙂 It sorely temps me – don’t know how you can have a nice social life and eliminate eating fun stuff … good thing you run.

    1. I think I just need to go with smaller, healthier options when I’m out, though that is against what my aunt taught me as a kid- have what you don’t get at home!

  4. It is so hard not to eat out as the socializing can be so much fun. I am determined that when I do though, it will be a healthy choice. Doesn’t always work, but I am trying. Good luck and thanks for the post to help remind me to make the right choices.

    1. It is always tough but I once heard someone say you just need to think about the one decision in front of you at the moment:)

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