It was the first official work day off for Spring Break today.


I set off to do 6km for my Squad Runner mission this morning while it was still -2. I don’t know if my body or my brain was the problem, but I actually had to pause my watch and take a couple of breaks. It was definitely not my best run:(. It did however, get done!

Later I went for a lovely walk in the sunshine. It was just too pretty to stay in!

Finally this evening, I did a workout. A minute of jogging between 25 reps of each of these:

Tricep extension

Bent over row


Chest press

Bicep curls


Plié squats

Bicycle crunches


Reverse crunches

1 minute plank (just for my mom)

I am still one ahead in running than workouts, but I’m sure a day will come when I won’t run. Right now, I’m just trying to make up some mileage!


We didn’t know what all the announcements were going to bring and my friends were starting to worry about me, so I ran some errands. I got my prescription renewed, groceries picked up (though I realized today how little packaged food I can actually eat), a new CO2 canister picked up, and library books returned and two new ones borrowed. It was pretty quiet everywhere so at least they went quickly. These were all the things I was saving for when my mom was in town to keep me company. I didn’t try to do Costco however!


I have spent most of the day knitting again. I have some finished objects to show off though I apologize for the bad lighting.

My new sweater. It is an Anne Budd “recipe” from her book Top Down Sweaters. The pattern was very easy to follow and I enjoyed being able to make it my own. The yarn is unmarked handspun that was in my stash. I don’t even remember when I got it or where it came from.

My favourite baby hat to make! It is a simple rolled brim hat and it turned out cute in the sock yarn, though I do wish it was a little taller. It will need to be for a small baby!

A kids hate with a very cute snowflake pattern that is tough to see in this nighttime picture. I loved this pattern, Schneeflocke Hat by Liz Deane, and will definitely make it again! I used up two small balls of bulky weight yarn so it was a success.

Well I have an early morning run tomorrow with Dennis, since they hasn’t been outlawed yet, and I’m thinking I’d better call my cell provider as I imagine I’ll be over my limit very quickly as I don’t have WiFi at home.😳. That will be the extent of my excitement for tomorrow.

Have fun!


55 thoughts on “Day 1 (of what I don’t know)

  1. I wouldn’t have seen the snowflake pattern if you hadn’t mentioned it. It’s beautiful.

    Your new sweater is great. Are there tons of buttons on it? If so, is that hard to do?

    1. No there are only four buttons on it. I don’t like doing up tons of buttons so just spread a few out evenly.
      Yes I’d like to try the snowflakes in yarns with more contrast

      1. If I’d seen your photo of the sweater on the computer screen, perhaps I could have seen the buttons. I often read your posts in bed right before I go to sleep.

      1. I think so too and it was super quick which is even better. I’m even now considering what I can put with cream coloured for it

    1. Thank you!
      They closed the schools for kids today. Teachers have to return as usual after our two week spring break, but we don’t know what it’s going to look like after that

    1. Thank you:)
      Trivia night was already planned to not be on during spring break, but we shall have to see if it comes back in April.

      1. I forgot about Spring break – we have our Spring breaks so early – like March, and elementary schools in February and here in the U,S.. there is no observance for Good Friday, nor Easter Monday. That is wrong in my opinion. Stay safe.

      2. Yup we have spring break until the 30th of March and then back for a couple of weeks and then we’ll have both Easter Monday and Good Friday off

      3. That is great – they don’t honor Easter weekend at all here – it used to be we got a two-or-three-hour break on Good Friday for going to church. They stopped that a long time ago. I thought of you today – heard the Hallmark Channel is having a Christmas movie marathon – you might have seen ’em hall, but since you are hunkering down due to the C-virus and knitting a lot, might as well watch them. Here was the article I found re: the movies/schedule:

      4. You’re welcome AJ. You may now hunker down with your knitting and happy sappy movies and shut out the rest of the world. We sure need a distraction these days.

      5. Ugh we’ve at least had gorgeous sunshine though I hear it’s supposed to change to rain now. I’ve saved movies, baking and a puzzle for the rain

      6. We’re getting this snow tonight, one or two inches, but they’re now downplaying it to just grassy surfaces. You doing a puzzle reminds me of something I heard on the radio today – more people are doing jigsaw puzzles as a way of keeping their families together and entertained (guess they are tired of TV). My mom loved to do jigsaw puzzles and we ordered from several jigsaw puzzle online places plus we got some Sprinbok puzzles at Hallmark. Mom never got to finish a lot of them so they are stashed away for when I retire. You are all prepared …. hope it is not as bad as predicted.

      7. I think so too AJ – my mom liked the 1,000-piece ones and a lot of them will be fun. I would like to figure out where to put them – for now I have no room as I got lots of pantry supplies for Winter and that has cluttered up the house somewhat – not only that, our computer guy has STILL not implemented Windows 10 so I have the Windows 10 laptop on my glass-top stove as I have nowhere else to plug it in. I have to move it whenever I use the stove. I am on a Windows 7 laptop, have a backup Windows 7 laptop and my original laptop that is 10 years old and in my bedroom which I store pictures in – I think I would get a card table to put the table on, and likely when I retire – I look forward to retirement and hopefully my 401(k) has not dwindled to nothing by then!

      8. I highly recommend a card table because moving a puzzle is a pain in the neck!
        I’m laughing because I had just invested my money when this all happened☹️

      9. My mom had this huge styrofoam board and I have it here still. What she did was use the board at the kitchen table and she would just put the board on the glass-topped stove while she had lunch or if doing something at the table and then for dinner, I’d take it down on the bed – it was wide and she was unsteady on her feet, and used a cane in the house, so I carried it down there for her, brought it back when the stove was cooled off. That worked well, but now I have the laptop here all day, plus the extra laptop my boss bought as a backup on the kitchen table. I have the speakerphone, the dictaphone and a table radio also sharing space – I don’t eat at the table and haven’t since working from home in 2011. So that’s the dilemma. But I think I’d use the board again, and a card table for sure. They have the roll-up mats that are supposed to keep the puzzle intact, but you still have to have a flat surface to put it on. My countertop is not big enough for even a 500-piece puzzle.

        Oh as to the investments, I feel for you. I invested long ago when my boss (not my current boss) had a brother who was a stockbroker. I knew nothing about investments (don’t now either) and he said he would make stock picks etc. for me. It was all good and I did well, then the recession and then, he was an older guy and the place he worked became Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and they thought he was not an aggressive enough broker and he was given a buyout. No one handled my account or made picks so I had to transfer and find someone else. So I lost $ while my account languished and now I am horrified every day – I can look online at my account/stock picks but I won’t as I’ll get too upset. You are likely pretty horrified right now. This is the second go-around for me and the last time was bad enough. I invested in the stock market in 1996.

      10. You sound like you are surrounded by tech! That would kill me!
        Your investment situation sounds like my parents! I know my mom doesn’t look either. I am not looking and hoping not to look for about twenty years!

      11. Yes, it is not like a house sometimes, nor a kitchen. The house is homey looking as it is done in “Country” but not after you look at the kitchen table. It is best not to look – you’d be really upset. Your parents, like me, would go into a tailspin over this. It sounds dire for not only health reasons but the economy as well – very, very scary.

      12. Yes, it makes me sad – the news just reported we hit 2,300 for our cases tonight, 43 dead. I find it hard to imagine going back to a normal routine for this year … will you continue to teach from home until Summer?

      13. Amazing – someone suggested Michigan schools just close down for the year but nothing is certain right now. I don’t know why because I would think the computer learning should be working?

      14. Well, that would not be so bad for older kids, but I’m not sure it is easy for the age group that you teach. But the teaching from home part is nice – too bad it was not in the dead of Winter and you could have stayed home in your jammies (like I do).

      15. That’s funny – one of our morning news anchors mused that she felt the need to “pick up the house in the area where others can see behind her head.” Good thing my camera is turned off! I love my polar fleece jammies and wear them October through April. It’s almost time to find new comfy clothes.

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