Well it was another quiet day.


I very carefully met up with Dennis and ran another section of the Pitt Meadows Dyke. My legs were so cold and they never seemed to get warm so I struggled with this run. Dennis was a little ahead of me, but I was surprised by how much having company helped as I wanted to stop like yesterday, but I wouldn’t let myself as he was there. We ended up doing 7km which was great!

This evening I really didn’t want to work out so my workout is definitely a case of something is better than nothing. I did a minute of jogging between the following banded exercises:

Side steps



Straight arm raise


Reverse crunches

A one minute plank

I hope tomorrow I’m more motivated!


After grabbing a quick tea, I met Brenda to go to the knitting store. I managed to pick up beads, Eucalan and buttons for my sweater without coming too close to anyone:)


I have once again spent most of the day knitting. I blocked my sweater before starting but had to put vinegar in the water to stop bleeding so t unfortunately doesn’t smell very good:(

I made two I cord workout headbands. I would highly recommend this project to use up all those small bits of yarn leftover. I got two done and have plans for more once I pick up some more hair elastics.

I also started the jeweled cowl with my anzula squishy and the beads I bought, but the yarn is way too heavy for that! The only single skein of lace weight I have is 760 yards which seems a waste to use for a 430 yard cowl so I will have to keep my eyes open for a single skein.

I started the spindrift shawl with the anzula squishy, but am wondering if it’s too plain a shawl for such a plain yarn. It sure does feel good though.

I am just spending my time knitting and reading. I will have a book to tell you about soon. A little worried about my mom who says she is not feeling good. She swears she’s just run down from not sleeping because of arthritis pain, but I’m her daughter so I’m going to worry anyways until she’s her peppy self again! Otherwise I just sit here quietly, limiting my contact with others. Same old, same old and it’s only been a few days!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. That’s nice you were able to meet up with Dennis to get a run in! Company is definitely motivating when you don’t feel great on a run. I hope your mother feels better soon!

      1. Oh for sure!!! What a huge stash busting experience this will be!! I feel like donation bins and the like will be bursting with knitted/crocheted items after this is all over. Such a perfect time to do all the projects you’ve had in a queue

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