I believe it is the first day of spring today- so Happy Spring. Let’s hope the season just gets better and better!


I did some very careful socializing with some friends from work today. We work together so figure we all have each other’s germs already, though we were careful to not touch and to maintain some distance. One of my friends has a trailer on a lake so we met out there for some quality sunshine time. We actually had to apply sunscreen it was so warm! We sat and chatted and I knitted, ate lunch and went for a walk:)

The brownies were a hit! If you ever need a quick, easy dessert this is my suggestion. Either bake or buy brownies, top with a scoop of cherry pie filling and some whipped cream, cool whip or cocoa whip. It’s like Black Forest cake without the work. So yummy!!!


Otherwise I have spent the time since I came home tinking:(. I should have stopped knitting when I realized how tired I was, but I didn’t and this is the consequence,😖😖😖. I think I’ll go crawl into bed with my book!

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “Day 4- Happy Spring

  1. It was a beautiful day, I went for a walk around the very empty streets. It just seemed so crazy that such a perfect weather day could happen in the middle of a pandemic!

    1. I’ve been very grateful for this great weather in the middle of all this so we can get outside. I don’t want to think about next week when it’s supposed to rain:(

  2. At least the sun was shining for the first day of spring! It was cloudy and grey so it didn’t look like spring here. Although on my run today it was humid so I guess it feels like spring a bit in that sense?

  3. The brownies look amazing! Good for you for getting together with co- workers. We are distancing ourselves from others…it’s hard not seeing family and friends but it’s what we have to do. Take care❤️🙏

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