It’s tough to believe I’ve already had five days of holiday. One good thing to come out of this pandemic is that my Spring Break is not costing me as much as it usually does!


Dennis dragged me out for another run on the dykes. I refused to do the whole ten kilometer to the village and the ten kilometers back, so we compromised on four out and four back. It was another part of the dyke and I have to admit that this part was pretty boring. The only interesting part was when we came across a line of horses for what we assume was a riding camp and a cranberry farmer who was working in his fields. The one thing I can say about this run was that I was incredibly consistent in my pace. It wasn’t my fastest, but all eight kilometers were within eight seconds of each other. Kathy, I am 8 kms closer to you!

This evening I did a step workout. I did step aerobics with my mom for a lot of years so I dragged out my step and did thirty minutes of moves I remembered. It made me sweat so I will count it as a success.


I am happy to say that I at least swept my porch today and I vacuumed my living room. It’s not much, but at least I did something useful!


I would love to say that my knitting was productive, but it really wasn’t:(. I have ended up tearing out my jeweled cowl as I hadn’t kept close enough attention. I now know I need a marker at the start and end of the openwork section and to keep track of the rows. I have tried to restart it twice, only to mess up, so it will have to wait until morning.

I have switched to my spindrift shawl which is mindless at this point and going along swimmingly.

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. That was a jolly good run, AJ, you are racking up on miles…gotta hurry and get out of WAshington!😉 sorry to hear the cowl is misbehaving. My mini spring break starts at noon Tuesday when I finish teaching my non-traditional students. Can’t wait!

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