This may be the shortest post I’ve ever done!


I did a workout on Saturday afternoon. I really do feel like I was getting stronger and into better shape when I was doing my short Hallmark workout each day. I will be starting to watch movies again once it starts raining and will share my workout plans then.

I also went for a walk and did a yoga workout that came as a podcast. Pretty cool!


I hit some WiFi (safely in my car) and downloaded some library books. I really just need a good book to get me out of this slump. I’ll let you know if one succeeds!


After a full week of ignoring everything I could be doing, I got my porch swept, my living room vacuumed, the dishes done, and my kitchen floor washed. I’m hopeful that I can do one useful thing a day. It’s not like I have a full day to work around 🤣


I am so close to being done my jeweled cowl, but it just hasn’t quite happened. I have ten rows left and I’ll have to tackle them in the morning. Right now it seems way too wide, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to block it longer and narrower. If it works, I think it may be a cowl I get a lot of use out of.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Solitary Weekend

  1. Sounds like a productive day to me. Are you able to get broadband/wifi at home at all or do you just have to look for public versions? Hope you find a book you like. I’ve just been enjoying Jane Linfoot’s Little Wedding Shop by the Sea series.

  2. I hope you found some good books! You could do a book exchange with a friend. Each of you place some books into a bag then safely give them to each other by putting them outside your door.

      1. That’s possible! Sometimes I don’t feel like reading either so I’ll take a break and do other stuff instead for a few days before coming back to a book

  3. You are keeping busy, and a clean house is always nice. That’s my plan for tomorrow morning. I have 3 lessons to give so I’m going to do 2 and try to get the whole house cleaned before the last one, then I can say I truly am on vacation!!

      1. The list so far is quite exciting, go to the dump and get compost, try and buy some milk and sweet potatoes, fix my sewing machine.😜

      2. I just like being able to do whatever I want. You’re lucky you’re still allowed out. I am now realizing that I like to do one “out thing” a day.

  4. My Saffron Cowl is also wider and shorter than I want it. I am thinking about ripping it out. But maybe it’s fine as is? I hope your blocking experiment works.

    1. I just so dislike when you finish a project and it just isn’t perfect:). I hope you can determine a solution to your saffron cowl

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