I never knew my running buddy was so obsessed with coffee!


We went out further on the dyke today and did 8km. I was laughing inside as I was literally counting the meters when Dennis decided we should check out a side trail. I was cursing him at the time, but it was probably a good thing as otherwise we would have been short.

It was a gorgeous place to run and busier than I expected though that only amounted to meeting 8 people the whole time we were out there, and yes a wide distance was maintained!

This evening I did another short workout. I find I prefer these and are willing to do them more often than a longer workout, so hopefully they equal out. This evening o did my regular minute of jogging between each of these:

Burpees, froggers, skaters, squats with weights, plié squats with weights, reverse lunges with weights, curtsy lunges with weights, Bridges with weights, crunches, reverse crunches, static lunge with scissor legs, bicycle crunches, plank, pushups, dips, pullovers and rows.

I feel like I should do more arms! As I write this I just remembered the countdown workout I used to do regularly and maybe I’ll try that to change up my workout a bit.


I got a picture of my spindrift shawl finally this morning. I am hoping that all these cowls and shawls will help keep me warm as we move into a season where I would look weird wearing wool sweaters.

This is a pattern by Helen Stewart that you can get free if you sign up for her shawl workshop. It only amounts to a few emails so I’m glad I did it. The yarn is once again recycled yarn from my stash.

I have been working on the Meditate Cowl by Elizabeth Doherty today with the Anzula Squishy yarn. I picked this pattern up for free this week and was excited to make it as the Yarniacs talk about this designer. The yarn is amazing- so soft and I like the looks of the pattern a lot, but it is moving very slowly.

I have been making so many accessories lately that I really want to make a sweater so I am thinking that I will break my rule and cast on a sweater to knit at the same time. I am going to do the Love Note sweater by TinCanKnits as I love their patterns and I already own it. I just need to decide between a very light purple or a turquoise. I think it will be cast on tomorrow though.

Other than knitting I have read a bit, but haven’t finished the book yet, and I have worked on a puzzle. I love doing puzzles but dislike when I get to the end and disassemble it and have nothing to show for my time. 🙄

I have to apologize that I haven’t been visiting any blogs lately. I never realized how small a data package I really had until I have to do without my work WiFi. I am hoping to remedy this situation in the next few days and will be back to catching up on your lives. I hope everyone is well!

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Another beauty there, AJ! I vote for the lavender, it will work well for spring, and even if it is wool, it will have a longer season because of the color.

    1. Thank you for your idea:) I think I’m going to look at the yardage I have and try to stick close to the needs. I so dislike having leftovers!

    1. Thank you! I was looking for something a little more neutral when I realized me shawls are all teal and raspberry- not so useful

  2. I love the shawl – and I also like your friend’s idea about photographing the jigsaw at the end! Mind you, I haven’t done any for a while, what with the new young cats, and now husband is working at the dining table we use for them …

  3. The last couple of puzzles I’ve done, I’ve used ModPodge to glue them together and then I frame them and hang them up in my craft room. Mind you, I don’t do them that often, but I’ll definitely be doing it with the puzzle I’m working right now!

    1. Oh cool! I never thought of doing that. Is definitely have to put serious thought into which one I wanted to do then. The puzzle I’m doing now is borrowed from a friend so a picture will have to do:)

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