All this is a day after spring break like no other!


It looked as though it was going to pour so I got out of the house for my run as quickly as possible! I told myself I had to do at least three kilometers but very easily did five, and it was beautiful out the whole time!

This evening I did a workout. A minute of jogging between each of these: burpees, froggers, bicep curls, deadlifts, plank, squats, plié squats, pullovers, dips, pushups, crunches, reverse crunches, reverse lunges, and hip raises.

I find I like these types of workouts better because it’s always changing and it seems to burn more calories than doing just the weights alone.


After a quick trip to the grocery store (and no the cute guy want there) I had to come home and take a survey for work.

It was the quickest work day I’ve ever had- seven questions. Of course I got a phone call immediately as the principal knows I don’t have WiFi or home internet. I’m so glad I got a new plan as my only other option was to go into the school each day😖

We got lots of emails today, but none of them gave answers. I don’t want to do too much as my district can be quite strict about resources so I’m waiting for direction so I only have to do things once!

I did find out that I get to go in Thursday morning for 1.5 hours to get everything I need.

My one worry is that we will just get this all set up and they’ll say,”oh you can go back to school now.”😖


To take my mind off work and look at the bright side (I have an extra three days of spring break) I decided to spend the day knitting and try to finish my Meditate Cowl. I thought I’d be done this morning but it was actually 5pm when I finished, but I did finish:)

This is the Meditate Cowl by Elizabeth Doherty done in Anzula Squishy yarn in the colour toffee. I loved the yarn and the pattern. It was quite an easy pattern to follow as she uses stitch markers so you don’t need to count. The yarn is absolutely fabulous- so squishy and soft! It turned out a little shorter than I was expecting, but I wore it tonight as a double wrap cowl and it worked just fine:)


I finished the night with the new form of socializing – a Zoom conversation with my friends from work, but it’s now time for bed!

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “Day 16: Are these Answers?

    1. I’ve used it twice now. It’s okay for visiting with a few friends but I wouldn’t want to teach a whole class with it!

  1. My daughter teaches Latin entirely on Zoom! I thought about using it, but the one I chose (free version) has one permanent link, so I don’t have to send a new link for each lesson. I’m sure it is’t as good, but for the one on one, things are working pretty well. Your cowl is wonderful! Enjoy those extra three days!

    1. I think that as long as what you picked us working for you- go for it:). Zoom seems to have a bit of audio lag too. So is there anything you’ve learned about distance teaching this week that I should know?

      1. If you can’t hear someone and you’re the moderator, tell them to hang up and call again. That usually solves that issue. Your little ones will be captivated with seeing themselves, so you might want to give them a minute to make their funny faces. After a while it will be old news, but the first couple of days…it’s pretty funny!

      2. We are getting most of the things in my list done, but I have a couple of second graders that are a big challenge. One doesn’t take direction

  2. I’m so curious if anyone used Zoom before now because I had never heard of it but now people are using it all the time haha. Hopefully your district gives you guys answers soon since I’m sure the parents are just as curious as teachers are.

    1. Yes I think this situation has probably caused a few new services to be highlighted. It was okay, but I wouldn’t want to teach with it.
      Yes I need some answers because I have to contact parents by Friday

    1. I loved the anzula squishy! I had never used anzula before, but it’s just so soft.
      I hadn’t heard of that designer until I started listening to the yarniacs, but I liked the pattern a lot!

  3. My friends and I are moving onto Zoom – how do you rate it? I found it better than Skype but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high!

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