It was a good start to the day, but the afternoon wasn’t fun!


Dennis dragged me out to finish our run of the dyke. We had just one section on the right side left to do. Amazingly we managed 9km without rain. I was too hot, but then my hands froze, but I suppose if that’s the worst I have to complain about, that’s not bad.

This evening I did a longer workout to try and make up for some poor choices. I did a minute of jogging between these exercises: burpees, bent over rows, froggers, overhead tricep extensions, skaters, shoulder press, mogul jumps, bicep curls, front raises, dips, pushups, reverse lunges, squats, plié squats, deadlifts, hip raises, plank, crunches, reverse crunches.

My plan was to do more but then I heard from a friend and ended up venting for a while.


I have started a new sweater which is in my book New American Knits by Amy Christoffers. It is called Serra turtleneck and I am making it in my Maryanne’s Sock by Smith and Ewe in the Northern Lights colour way. I am done the collar which I modified slightly and am at the point where I need to put it on waste yarn and see if it fits like I want it to. I will tackle that tomorrow sometime.


It finally got to me! We have been receiving a million emails every day from the school district, the union and the ministry all saying different things. The only thing they have in common is they keep telling me to take it slow and we’ll work together and not to stress. I have been doing pretty good at that as I had thought about the programs they approved and picked one that myself and the children were familiar with. Then today I got an email that told me I couldn’t take an iPad home. Well my platform is iPad based. I spiraled. I admit it. I ate ice cream!

I have since calmed down, with help from my friends and realized that if all else fails I will put the program on my phone or use the program website- neither is as easy as an iPad, but I will make it work. The worst part is that we aren’t allowed to take iPads in case kids need them. Have they seen where I work now? The kids have more tech than I do!!! Ugh tomorrow is another day…


I have finished a couple of books. I read Lean On Me by Lea Coll. It was a light, fluffy read, though I spent a lot of the book yelling at the heroine to not be stupid!

I also finished listening to Do Life. It is about a man who lost 120 pounds and took up running. I found the beginning to be quite a downer, but it improved as it went along.


Tonight trivia was done on YouTube. I guess that means you could all participate. You just need to search My Friend the DJ Entertainment. I wasn’t very smart today and only got a few.

How are Donald Sutherland and Keifer Sutherland related?

Father- Son

Who has won the second most World Series?

Saint Louis Cardinals

Which team did Brent Gretzky play for?

Tampa Bay Lightning

Which flag is white with a red circle?


On which day were fish created?


What college did Bill Gates drop out of?


What is the second largest city in England?


He says you can cheat on the first round, but I prefer not to. There is a second Kahoot round, but you need two devices for that so I only did the first.

I think I will take myself off to bed and read some more!

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday a New Way

  1. That stinks the program you picked is iPad based. I know you’ll figure it out though!

    That’s kind of cool trivia was on YouTube. Aside from the Japanese flag, I didn’t know any of those.

    1. Yes I’m going to try to make it work on the laptop as I don’t want to have to learn a new platform too!
      I didn’t know much either!

    1. There are just too many levels of people and nobody really knows what is being said or what should be done. It’s not like we’ve ever had this happen before

      1. You’re right, this is a whole new thing. Let’s hope your supervisors work out a chain of command. Best to you, AJ.

  2. Oh bother! If you need a second head, email me the stuff and I’ll try it. In my previous life I did a lot of program testing and then help decking for secretaries. Doesn’t mean I’ll be any good at helping, but sometimes a second brain with a different though process makes things easier. (You could also practice your zoom moderator skills on me at the same time!)

  3. Well that is small minded of them – the schools provide tech to students so should go to teachers. I think I would have bombed at Trivia – I only knew the Sutherland question!

      1. Oh that would be interesting because they’re saying this will probably go until June and there could be a second wave in the Fall

      2. They did make the determination – classes are closed for the rest of the year. Governor said it was highly doubtful to return in May, August will not go over well due to all the people who go to the northern part of Michigan to cottages and a few years ago they wanted all schools to start back in August since so many kids were there anyway for football practice, band practice, etc. – people rebelled as they want those last few weeks up north and they want the longer, 4-day Labor Day weekend. The problem with the kids here, especially in Detroit as there are not enough laptops and most kids do not have a computer at home, nor internet – I guess not every home has one – people rely on phones or do their internet browsing at work. But they are going to take some computers from the school’s computer labs and likely use a satellite device to give them instant internet without a hookup. Right now, Comcast (my internet provider) is giving free wireless to everyone the next few months. I heard that we will have a second wave too, when it gets cooler/colder. That is very scary – Michigan is in the top five worst states in the U.S. – now they are suggesting we should be using a mask to avoid others contaminating us. That was not the thinking at the onset.

      3. Ugh that sounds dreadful!! My friend who is a retired nurse says the super light masks you get everywhere don’t really do much as they’re meant for short, one time use. We’ve been told the same thing about the second wave

      4. I heard that too – I would keep the masks I bought a while ago for going to the store I think. I did see this yesterday and you can take a coffeemaker filter or a vacuum cleaner filter and put it in between to use … I am only going to parks where there are other people unless I have to go to the store. This is interesting and easy to make … you don’t need to be on Instagram to view this video:

  4. Yea, so I failed trivia. I imagine teaching has become quite the challenge. We just received a directive from the state, and the school district, which warranted my fellow non-instructional colleagues to get all in a snit. I really find I don’t have the bandwidth to deal with union matters sometime.

      1. Yup so are mine! I had a parent ask why the district didn’t have a plan in place for this type of circumstance. I almost said because they’re reactive, not proactive🤣

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