Day 5

It’s tough to believe I’ve already had five days of holiday. One good thing to come out of this pandemic is that my Spring Break is not costing me as much as it usually does!


Dennis dragged me out for another run on the dykes. I refused to do the whole ten kilometer to the village and the ten kilometers back, so we compromised on four out and four back. It was another part of the dyke and I have to admit that this part was pretty boring. The only interesting part was when we came across a line of horses for what we assume was a riding camp and a cranberry farmer who was working in his fields. The one thing I can say about this run was that I was incredibly consistent in my pace. It wasn’t my fastest, but all eight kilometers were within eight seconds of each other. Kathy, I am 8 kms closer to you!

This evening I did a step workout. I did step aerobics with my mom for a lot of years so I dragged out my step and did thirty minutes of moves I remembered. It made me sweat so I will count it as a success.


I am happy to say that I at least swept my porch today and I vacuumed my living room. It’s not much, but at least I did something useful!


I would love to say that my knitting was productive, but it really wasn’t:(. I have ended up tearing out my jeweled cowl as I hadn’t kept close enough attention. I now know I need a marker at the start and end of the openwork section and to keep track of the rows. I have tried to restart it twice, only to mess up, so it will have to wait until morning.

I have switched to my spindrift shawl which is mindless at this point and going along swimmingly.

Have fun!


Day 4- Happy Spring

I believe it is the first day of spring today- so Happy Spring. Let’s hope the season just gets better and better!


I did some very careful socializing with some friends from work today. We work together so figure we all have each other’s germs already, though we were careful to not touch and to maintain some distance. One of my friends has a trailer on a lake so we met out there for some quality sunshine time. We actually had to apply sunscreen it was so warm! We sat and chatted and I knitted, ate lunch and went for a walk:)

The brownies were a hit! If you ever need a quick, easy dessert this is my suggestion. Either bake or buy brownies, top with a scoop of cherry pie filling and some whipped cream, cool whip or cocoa whip. It’s like Black Forest cake without the work. So yummy!!!


Otherwise I have spent the time since I came home tinking:(. I should have stopped knitting when I realized how tired I was, but I didn’t and this is the consequence,😖😖😖. I think I’ll go crawl into bed with my book!

Have fun!


Day 3

Well another day of quiet. Sorry this is going to get really repetitive, very quickly🤣


I had decided that I needed a third option beyond reading and knitting and since I knew I wouldn’t clean, I decided to get a puzzle. Thankfully my friend Brenda had one I could borrow that I knew would have all the pieces. This was my one very careful outing of the day, and yes we ensured we were several feet apart:)


I was on the couch knitting again today, though I am proud to say I tidied the hallway and swept it and the living room before I sat down. However when it came to exercise, I just wasn’t motivated. That is until I realized I could run over to pick up my buttons.

The trail and the park were super busy as we’ve had gorgeous sunshine here, though it is cold!

My run ended up being 4.4km which is a little less than I was expecting, but I wasn’t willing to do more🤣

This evening I got re-energized and did a simple workout. I jogged for one minute between a minute of these exercises:

High knees, front kicks, butt kicks, roundhouse kicks, squat with side leg lift, squat with back leg lift, back kick, plié squats, crunches, static crunch with scissor legs, knee tucks, reverse crunch, bicycle crunches and a plank.

I seem to really get into ruts with the type of workout I do. I wonder if it will move to a new one or return to Hallmark ones?


I did the dishes this afternoon, just to turn around and make more.

I had to make a chocolate dish for an outdoor, small activity tomorrow so I texted Brenda to see if she knew of a recipe that uses only cocoa powder (after I discovered I had no chocolate chips). She passed along this recipe and it was great!

Set oven to 350. In an 8×8 pan, mix :

1.25cups flour

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup cornstarch

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp baking soda

0.5tsp cinnamon

0.5tsp salt

When well mixed, pour in:

1 cup milk

0.3 cup vegetable oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

1tsp vanilla

Bake for 35-40 minutes.

This literally took minutes to put together, seems to have adapted to gf and df well, and was done by the time I finished my workout!

I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow:). I do plan to top it with cherry pie filling and cocoa whip if there is any at the store.


I have to admit to spending most of the day knitting again.

I made more I cord headbands. These are still super easy and quick to make and I’m so glad to have a pattern to use up the tiny ends of yarn!

I started the spindrift shawl in the grey and loved it, but then realized the gray could be perfect for the jeweled cowl and so far, I really think it is!

I am getting better at the beading, but the seed beads are so small that even with my smallest crochet hook, many of them don’t fit. I think I would love knitting with beads if the beads were slightly bigger. Though no matter what, I’m happy to finally be getting beading off my craft to-do list!

I have just started the spindrift shawl in a recycled tan yarn. I think this project will be perfect for tomorrow’s social outing. I can keep my distance and accomplish something:)


Well that’s it for me as I stayed up way too late reading last night. I read the book, Blitzed by Alexa Martin. This is the third book in her playbook series. I highly recommend this series as they are fun, but also usually have a small taste of something serious. I think the best part of this book was the hero. He just kept doing swoony things and who can resist a quiet, shy guy who only talks to the woman meant for him. It was a good read:)

Have fun!


Day 2

Well it was another quiet day.


I very carefully met up with Dennis and ran another section of the Pitt Meadows Dyke. My legs were so cold and they never seemed to get warm so I struggled with this run. Dennis was a little ahead of me, but I was surprised by how much having company helped as I wanted to stop like yesterday, but I wouldn’t let myself as he was there. We ended up doing 7km which was great!

This evening I really didn’t want to work out so my workout is definitely a case of something is better than nothing. I did a minute of jogging between the following banded exercises:

Side steps



Straight arm raise


Reverse crunches

A one minute plank

I hope tomorrow I’m more motivated!


After grabbing a quick tea, I met Brenda to go to the knitting store. I managed to pick up beads, Eucalan and buttons for my sweater without coming too close to anyone:)


I have once again spent most of the day knitting. I blocked my sweater before starting but had to put vinegar in the water to stop bleeding so t unfortunately doesn’t smell very good:(

I made two I cord workout headbands. I would highly recommend this project to use up all those small bits of yarn leftover. I got two done and have plans for more once I pick up some more hair elastics.

I also started the jeweled cowl with my anzula squishy and the beads I bought, but the yarn is way too heavy for that! The only single skein of lace weight I have is 760 yards which seems a waste to use for a 430 yard cowl so I will have to keep my eyes open for a single skein.

I started the spindrift shawl with the anzula squishy, but am wondering if it’s too plain a shawl for such a plain yarn. It sure does feel good though.

I am just spending my time knitting and reading. I will have a book to tell you about soon. A little worried about my mom who says she is not feeling good. She swears she’s just run down from not sleeping because of arthritis pain, but I’m her daughter so I’m going to worry anyways until she’s her peppy self again! Otherwise I just sit here quietly, limiting my contact with others. Same old, same old and it’s only been a few days!

Have fun!


Day 1 (of what I don’t know)

It was the first official work day off for Spring Break today.


I set off to do 6km for my Squad Runner mission this morning while it was still -2. I don’t know if my body or my brain was the problem, but I actually had to pause my watch and take a couple of breaks. It was definitely not my best run:(. It did however, get done!

Later I went for a lovely walk in the sunshine. It was just too pretty to stay in!

Finally this evening, I did a workout. A minute of jogging between 25 reps of each of these:

Tricep extension

Bent over row


Chest press

Bicep curls


Plié squats

Bicycle crunches


Reverse crunches

1 minute plank (just for my mom)

I am still one ahead in running than workouts, but I’m sure a day will come when I won’t run. Right now, I’m just trying to make up some mileage!


We didn’t know what all the announcements were going to bring and my friends were starting to worry about me, so I ran some errands. I got my prescription renewed, groceries picked up (though I realized today how little packaged food I can actually eat), a new CO2 canister picked up, and library books returned and two new ones borrowed. It was pretty quiet everywhere so at least they went quickly. These were all the things I was saving for when my mom was in town to keep me company. I didn’t try to do Costco however!


I have spent most of the day knitting again. I have some finished objects to show off though I apologize for the bad lighting.

My new sweater. It is an Anne Budd “recipe” from her book Top Down Sweaters. The pattern was very easy to follow and I enjoyed being able to make it my own. The yarn is unmarked handspun that was in my stash. I don’t even remember when I got it or where it came from.

My favourite baby hat to make! It is a simple rolled brim hat and it turned out cute in the sock yarn, though I do wish it was a little taller. It will need to be for a small baby!

A kids hate with a very cute snowflake pattern that is tough to see in this nighttime picture. I loved this pattern, Schneeflocke Hat by Liz Deane, and will definitely make it again! I used up two small balls of bulky weight yarn so it was a success.

Well I have an early morning run tomorrow with Dennis, since they hasn’t been outlawed yet, and I’m thinking I’d better call my cell provider as I imagine I’ll be over my limit very quickly as I don’t have WiFi at home.😳. That will be the extent of my excitement for tomorrow.

Have fun!


Social Distancing or Normal?

Well some might call it social distancing, but it really has been just a normal weekend for me.


I have to admit that I sat down to knit a row at 6:16am on Saturday morning and finally got into workout gear at 8pm, only to put my jammies back on 25 minutes later🤣

I spent the entire day knitting my striped sweater.

I baked banana bread, but don’t like how it turned out so I may just throw it away.

My workout was a Kayla Itsines workout I saw on Facebook. It was quick and simple and consisted of 3 sets of 12 reps of the following:

Bent over rows

Military press

Mountain climbers

Hand release pushups

Goblet squats

Squat to reverse lunge

Step up with knee up


I didn’t get very sweaty but it had a lot of good moves.


I started the day with my usual run meet up. Two walked and three of us ran. It was very sunny but very cold, actually colder than it was in January!

I enjoyed having company but found it a little tough. I usually run with Dennis who definitely challenges me as he runs faster than me, but today Sarah came out and I felt like I should stick with her, but we were running a full minute slower per kilometer. It shouldn’t bother me as plenty of people have slowed down for me and I have lots of other times to run fast, but this morning, it did kind of get to me:(

After coffee and a quick stop for groceries, I have spent the day knitting again.

I have one button band to do and I am done this sweater so there should be a finished object photo tomorrow:)

This evening I have gotten a workout done- day six from the Ten Pound Shred book. It consisted of 40 seconds of each exercise for three sets. I did:

High knees


Stability ball bent over rows

Plié squats

High knees

Up downs

An crunches with a dumbbell

Stability ball Superman

I was definitely sweating by the end of this workout!

I have been quite calm about everything that is happening, but this evening I had a friend text me and it kind of got to me. I think it’s because I don’t know how anything would work. Maybe I should go buy a bit more food. I don’t keep much in my house as it calls to me. I’m supposed to be visiting my parents next week or later this week, but now I wonder if I’ll be able to? Of course, I can’t tell if they actually want me to come for the whole time or to limit my time as they are busy with their renovating? I sometimes wish someone else, anyone else, would organize my life!

Ugh I think I’ll just go back to knitting!

Have fun!


The Last Day

Well I guess it’s good I have a quiet life as I’ve watched a lot of people have to make some tough decisions today:(


I only had twelve kids for a bit and eleven for most of the day. We had gymnastics and music this morning. Then tackled calendar, our big math drill and a desk clean before lunch. After lunch we did silent reading, buddies and 3/4 of a spy kids episode as a final treat.

I can’t believe what it’s like having so few kids!! They all seem a bit more needy than usual, but I’m sure they’re just reacting to the weird vibe in the air.


I left school pretty quick and went for tea and a treat with our secretary to celebrate spring break.

My treat was a trifectabar, but thankfully the company was better! I didn’t like the coconut oil topping on this. It was too rich for my tummy and too hard to cut through. I should have gone with the cookie!


There wasn’t much time to linger over tea as I had arranged to meet Dennis for a run at the river.

There were so many times on this run when I wanted to tell him to go ahead that I was going to slow down. I didn’t and managed to keep up for most of it. Another 4.47km closer to Kathy’s house:)


I finished off a headband at lunch:

It’s actually a pretty purple basketweave, but nighttime photography is horrible🤣

I also worked on my sweater some more. I had a panic attack when I realized I messed up my colouring. The pattern said to knit to 11.75″ and I planned for a total of 11.75″ instead of 11.75″ from the sleeve down. Obviously I had no brain at that point. I have found a lighter pink I can add stripes of, but if that doesn’t take me to the length I need, I’m not sure what I will do as I only have a brown or a different blue colour left. If you have an opinion or idea, I’d love to hear it.

Well that was my day yesterday and I’m sorry I forgot to press publish last night.

Have fun!


A Disappointment

Well my life was affected by Coronavirus:(.


I had eight children away today so there were only 14 kids in my class and boy was it different. The class was quiet and calm as for a change- it was major players who were away. It was lovely- almost like a holiday!

We got through writers workshop where we did persuasive writing, and library and we made mosaic tulips for our window. We finished the day with gymnastics.

I was amazed that we got the art done, but I guess that again just shows how calm the class was.


I made myself finish the kids Bookclub book right when I got home. The book, The Year of the Ray by Grace Lin. This book is a very quick read and deals mainly with the idea of dealing with change for children. It was a good read, but I wouldn’t say you have to run out and buy it.


I have been busy knitting my cardigan this evening as I was still thinking I may get it done for Saturday morning. However that no longer matters as the knitting show is cancelled due to Coronavirus. I know this is very small compared to what people in different parts of the world are dealing with, but I am extremely disappointed as I was so looking forward to this event!

As I was knitting I was thinking about the fact that I haven’t stockpiled any toilet paper or food, but I’m good for books and knitting for two weeks in my house🤣🤣🤪

Well, I’m going back to knitting.

Have fun!


Knit Night

It was so nice to have knit night to look forward to!


It wasn’t a bad day until my students embarrassed me at the end of the day. We had music this morning and I got next week planned during this time.

Quiet time was awesome as I read with all seven kids and my lowest girl read a new book all the way through with no mistakes!!🎉🎊. So exciting!

We tackled two math drills and just got started writing about gymnastics when lunch rolled around.

After lunch we had gymnastics where one of my students fell off the bar – my worst nightmare! He went home as he wasn’t feeling good, though I’m not sure how much I buy that.

After gymnastics we had a fire fighter come talk to the class. First off my class was super loud and talkative and weren’t listening respectfully, then when he showed a picture of his two boys- one of the girls said (loud enough for everyone to hear)- “oh too bad- I thought you could date miss B”. OMG!!!!! Please just let me sink into the floor!

I was happy to get out of there and into the sunshine!


I was sore, tired, hungry and didn’t feel like running, but still made myself go. I got 3.07km in and kept my average below 7min/km so I’m counting it as a success. I really should be running further than that though!


I finished a little black headband at lunch and so got to take another skein off my stash list🎊🎉. Other than that I have been knitting on my sweater and tonight I separated out the sleeves and went beyond that. I always love when I get less stitches on the needles!

My sweater so far. Two more days and I get to go to a knitting show!😀

Well I need sleep as yet again I didn’t want to get up this morning.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #43

It’s hard to believe I have been to trivia 43 times!


Today was pretty good though my students had a lot of energy! I had a meeting about coding first thing this morning and then we had a parent presentation. He is the general manager of where I go for trivia, but thankfully he went to school to be a teacher so he did a great job of making it appropriate for kids.

We finished off our pictures of urban, suburban and rural communities and glued our art projects into our scrapbooks before we had a second parent presentation- a control systems engineer. I’m still not sure what she does but she brought lots of things for the kids to touch so they liked that!

After school I stuffed my report cards and hopefully I am done with them!

A lovely massage (or st least a helpful one) and some grocery shopping rounded out the afternoon.


For the first round we had help from a fifteen year old which really helped!

Where was Lord of the Rings filmed?

New Zealand

What were the names of the parents in Happy Days?

Howard and Marion

Who was a famous Simpson?


What is a full house in Yahtzee worth?

25 points

Which country invented the Caesar?


The music round was good for a change as part was New Country which is my guilty pleasure:)

In the Kahoot! Round I knew:

Which Canucks player averaged more than one point per game in the playoffs?

Panel Bure

Which car manufacturer makes the Highlander?


How many theses did Martin Luther nail to the door?


Which triangle has two equal sides?


What is the capital of New York?


How many miles to the Love Shack?


Who was the first woman to fly solo?

Amelia Earhart

Who sand Tequila?

Dan & Shae

Sorry I forgot to pay this last night!

Have fun!