It’s so tough to keep track of days now!


I started the day off by grocery shopping for a friend who has to quarantine after travel. It was kind of fun and let me get out of the house and talk to the cashier a bit.

I have definitely realized how lucky I am with my friends- including you all on here. Thank you! You definitely make a difference to my life lately as I live a very solitary life!


I had fifteen mi items left before the time I had set for phone calls so I got my kitchen tidied, the dishwasher on and the floor swept. It’s amazing how having a tidy kitchen immediately makes me feel better about the state of my condo. The rest can be a wreck as long as my kitchen is clean 🤣


I made myself finish off the phone calls and they went fine. The parents of one of my most difficult students are already getting a peak at what I’ve been talking about since September. Yes I smiled to myself:)

I also got Fresh Grade put into my phone and looked at the website version to start familiarizing myself with it. I added parent emails and sent the necessary invites and then had a conference call about Fresh Grade basics.

It was productive enough for me as I was again e haunted by the end of it!


I had arranged to run with Dennis at 1pm, but it turned out to definitely be too close to when I had eaten lunch. Digesting food is not a good thing to be doing while running. Note to self- I need more than an hour between eating and running.

It wasn’t a great run and I thought k Dennis was torturing me on purpose- he found every hill he possibly could, and if that wasn’t bad enough we had a strong headwind on the way home. I can now tell you that there are 158 squares in the sidewalk between Falcon and the top of hospital hill. Hey, whatever gets you up the hill, right?🤪. We finally called it quits at the fire hall at 8.02km.

This evening g I tortured myself with a Lyndsay workout. I had to do 1 min of each of the following: hip rotations, squats, jumping jacks, jog, skaters, burpees.

Then I did 36 banded squat walk, banded squat with side leg lift, banded hip raises, and 72 bicycles.

I then had to do two minutes of squat jacks, 2 mins of jogging and a minute of burpees.

It was then time for 36 banded front raises, 36 dumbbell rows, 36 dumbbell overhead tricep extension and 72 banded knee tucks.

I ended this torture with 20 second squat jumps, 10 second rest, 20 second squats, 10 second rest and repeat for four minutes.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day!!

Though I have to admit I was thinking about going for a bike ride. How bad would it b for me to just grab my bike and go without a tune up?


I continue to knit in circles. I love fine gauge, but boy does it take forever!!

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Day 20, I think…

  1. It is hard to keep track of days. I gave up altogether and nag my sister everyday to tell me what day it is!

  2. Well done on getting all the calls done! I’ve had a productive work day but it’s weird to think I can’t just go out for a walk after work because I’ve done my exercise for the day.

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