Lately all of my work friends have been saying it feels like we work hard all day long but nothing to show for it at the end of the day. I have felt that way too, but today, I actually had something to show for my day:)


I met up with Dennis for a run this morning and it was awful for both of us. We had planned a 7km route but we got halfway through the park and he actually stopped because his allergies were so bad. We rerouted and completed a 5km instead. I just felt like I wasn’t capable of taking anything but tony steps until 3.5km. My legs didn’t feel tired- they just didn’t seem to be working right. I hope to never have that again, though I did remind Dennis that not every run can be great. I usually take Saturday as my rest day, but maybe this run is trying to tell me that my test day should be tomorrow.

This evening I did another workout from L. This one was 3 sets of the following: squat with front raise, bicep curl, pull aparts, rows, plank with leg lift, plank jacks, plank.

In between I had to do ski moguls and then end with a low squat shuffle for five minutes.

It was definitely enough to get me sweaty!


This morning after my lovely shower and breakfast, I got the rock monster activity posted into FreshGrade. My teaching partner and I had a phone conference to plan next week. We then attended a webinar on Office Lens and One Drive. This seemed like a good enough program that I walked over to the Starbucks WiFi to download the app. This afternoon we started gathering the links and resources we needed for the activities and got the activities for Tuesday posted. It’s great that we learned how to post activities in advance so that we can get a few days ahead at least. Finally we created a list of indoor and outdoor Daily physical activity ideas for parents which we will post on Tuesday morning.

All in all, a productive day and I am happy with what we got done.


That happiness extended to getting my bathroom cleaned. It’s so small that I actually accomplished this while my lunch cooked and now I have a lovely bathroom to enjoy all week!


A decent eating day though not quite to where I need to be. I’ve had: peanut butter on a small banana, mandarin orange and almonds, Hawaiian pizza, arugula Caesar salad, pineapple chunks.

Today’s Hawaiian pizza- so yummy! I meant to say for anyone who needs the info that Okanagan Soya Cheese melts really nicely for pizza.


I finished my current book after work today. I read The Viscount’s Wallflower Bride by Lauren Royal. I liked the family in this book, but it was much too long a book for what it was. It needed some good editing!

I am still listening to Cooked by Michael Pollan. He is on his bread chapters and all I want to do is bake bread. I may need to add that to my list for the long weekend.

List for long weekend:

Make bread

Wipe down deck chair

Sort pictures for travel albums

Finish sweater


After working on the puzzle for a bit I started back in on my sweater. After trying it on yesterday I realized I needed to leave the sleeves and work on the body as right now it is a crop top. Nobody wants to see that look on me! I am happily going back to my knitting and podcast listening!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Production, Finally!

  1. I was meant to run today but I woke up really really bone-tired so I didn’t go. At least this way I can go for a walk later if I want (we’re only allowed out for exercise once a day).

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