It is only Thursday which is usually Friday Eve, but since it’s a long weekend, Thursday became Friday:)


I did end up taking today off from my morning run so it was just straight into work. L and I got all twenty activities posted into Fresh Grade for next week. I am starting to feel like I can handle FreshGrade, but One Drive is killing me. I need to find a manual for it! I was actually pretty impressed with myself as I watched the lunch webinar on Fresh Grade today and I knew everything g they said already. Woohoo🎉🎊


It was floors day today so I swept on my recess break and then vacuumed and washed my kitchen floor on my lunch break. I can’t believe how clean and tidy my house is from just ten minutes a day- it’s lovely!


I found baking powder so I got to make another loaf of my Hearty Beer Bread from the Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread book. The crumb turned out beautifully, but the crust on the sides and bottom was super tough while the top crust was crumbly. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, please tell me. I have enough ginger ale left for one more loaf which may just happen this weekend.

I actually ate enough bread this morning that I didn’t need lunch so I didn’t eat again until I made a simple shrimp linguini for dinner. I had never made this before, but it was pretty yummy!

Wow as I write this I realize I’ve eaten nothing but carbs today😳


I’m still working on the body of this sweater. It has been made easier by listening to podcasts. So far I’m listening to Gin and Cake and Pastry Pals. I don’t love either but they are the two podcasts that cover the first American season of the Great British Baking Show so I have to stick with them. I think for season three I get a different podcast:)


I met up with three colleagues for a chat in the gorgeous sunshine today. We met in the parking lot across from my place as we actually had to do some trading of resources, but it was so great to see people and talk to them. one of the ladies brought me these beautiful tulips for Easter. Don’t worry we maintained our six feet of distance:)


This evening I did 32 minutes of yoga and some foam rolling. I decided to change my day off this week after yesterday’s disastrous run. We will see how tomorrow goes as to whether I need a second day off this week. I hope not as I’m finally getting some mileage in. I do however, need to find a listing of yoga poses as I’m just doing the ones I remember from years ago.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Friday Eve, but Really Friday

  1. Doing one small task a day makes such a difference in how clean your space is. I love it!

    That was nice you were able to meet up with some coworkers to exchange resources while still maintaining 6 feet. So sweet that one of them brought flowers! I want to get some fresh flowers when I go to the grocery store this weekend to bring something live into our apartment.

    1. Yes it really has made a big difference and I feel like I’m
      Accomplishing something every day!
      It was so nice to see people. With living alone, life has been very quiet these last three weeks.
      You should totally get flowers! I had bought myself five tulips when I went shopping and I laughed because they’re exactly the same colour as what my friend brought me. Now I have pretty flowers on both sides of my living room

      1. It’s great when you’re staying home to have just one little task to help you feel accomplished!
        I totally get that! A friend of mine ended up flying to Denver to stay with her mom right before things got crazy because she didn’t want to live alone.
        That’s crazy you guys ended up with the same color tulips! What are the odds? I’m going to see if the flower person is at the farmer market tomorrow and buy some there I think!

      2. I did think of going and staying with my parents, but a boat is just too small for three people!!
        I’m envious that your farmer’s market is still open! I miss going to the one across from me- I had just gotten into the habit. However these $2 from the grocery store are brightening my day just as well:)

      3. Yeah a boat with three people would be hard. It’ll just make the next time you see them that much better!
        It’s open but definitely paired down. I actually forgot it runs nearly all year round until I took Bailey on a walk last weekend!

      4. Yes can’t wait to see my family again- even my brothers!
        I miss the farmers market. It’s only on in the winter by me so by the time it can open again, I would have to drive to it

      5. I’m so bad at remembering the farmers market even during the summer. I need to be better about it! Before we moved to Philly, I had to drive to it and went maybe once a summer. Since it’s just a few blocks away now I need to go more and support the farmers

  2. Must have been channeling you: I washed the wood floors in the house and it was over due. I love Murphy’s oil soap for my floors. Happy Easter. Our daffodils are blooming! !

  3. Are you well versed in Microsoft Office? Once you get the hang of how the programs work, they are pretty intuitive. I think you’ll find OneDrive to fall into a similar category. Is FreshGrade like an online grade book?

    1. I don’t know Microsoft very well as at school we usually use smart notebook. FreshGrade has a gradebook component but is an app where I can post an activity and my students can upload a picture or video of their work. I’m hoping this all becomes more familiar

  4. Love reading your updates, AJ! I am super behind, but it was fun to have a moment to pop in! I’m super curious how you’re school is dealing with everything… so I have to go read your other posts! Those tulips are gorgeous- enjoy!

    1. Hey Mackenzie, nice hearing from you! My school has moved to online learning and we start Tuesday actually giving work. So you can pop back to see if I survive

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