It was another day just like my favourite ones:)


I woke up early so got out for my run early too. Dennis has been after me to take two days off and after how good my run was on Sunday, I guess I had better listen to him. I do want to rack up as much mileage as possible though so I went all the way to the mill, rather than turning at Moody Ales. I would like to figure out how to put a little bit more in there.

This evening I did a kickboxing workout. It was fine, but definitely didn’t feel as tough as my normal ones. I did feel like my body needed a bit of a break though.


After a quick trip to the grocery store, I got busy on the copilot cowl. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry and hopefully it will work out.


I also did a bit of stitching on my project. My goal is to be done the basket before the next SAL update.


I was just heading off for a nap when my friend Lyndsay called me to go for a walk. This was great! We got fresh air, social interaction and managed to maintain our distance.


I had to give up on the series bu don’t like not finishing, but I felt like I was losing brain cells by the page:(. I’m now on the lookout for a new book!

Well that’s my day!

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Socializing & Social Distancing

      1. I read another dud, but think I’ve found a cute book now. If you need to do another classic- so far I recommend the semi attached couple

      2. Ooh, I don’t need another one at the moment because I’m still working through my original list of 50. But I started making a new list of 50 for when I’m done, so I can add it to that one!!

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