There is only supposed to be one first day of school each year, but this was my second try at it for this year.


I made myself get up and out for my usual run, even though I really wasn’t feeling it. I want to make it to South Dakota though, so I need to run. After 2km I felt fine and my splits actually improved with every kilometer. I got a nice 5.55km in before I started work.


I spent some time this morning answering kids in FreshGrade and commenting on their rocks. We wrote a parent email to explain how this all was going to work and then posted our first assignments. They had daily oral language, a journal, a subtraction still pre test and an introduction to measurement. You would not believe how many emails I answered about these things and only one child got them all done!🤣Which really doesn’t surprise me as I’m sure there’s lots of arguing accompanying these activities. I am just doing my job and allowing parents to do what works for them. The email specifically said that they could do the activities whenever it worked for them. I am not going to be the online school police!

I sent login info to parents for RAZ Kids (I am going to plead ignorance if I get into trouble), watched a webinar on Microsoft Teams and planned next week with my co teacher. We then went back to FreshGrade to comment on the work the students had done.

I can’t believe how quickly my days go and how exhausted I am at the end of them!


I finished my copilot cowl. It is a free pattern on Ravelry and it’s okay, but definitely not my favourite. I think it’s too long and narrow, but we shall see if I wear this one more than the last one.


I have just started listening to the Semi Attached Couple on LibriVox. I picked it solely because Elizabeth Klett narrates it and she’s great! So far it has made me smile a few times so I will keep going.


I am just starting to gauge swatch for my next sweater. We shall see how it goes.


The best part of my day was FaceTiming with my brother, sister in law and my nephew. It was so great to see them!!!!

Well I’m going back to swatching.

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “The First Day All Over Again

  1. I think your cowl is so pretty. If it is long and narrow, you can wear it doubled up like in the photo. I think that would be pretty. I think you will like Microsoft Teams. Let me know.

    1. I think I’ll actually be wearing it tripled which will hopefully keep me warm!
      I’m not actually using Teams for anything other than staff meetings and webinars.
      I didn’t know anything about Teams so went with FreshGrade

  2. Aaah your first day online was good… But it sounds tough. Both for kids and parents it will take time to get used to this way of teaching. My niece is 4 and my sis is barely managing with household work and studies and keeping her engaged

    1. I know! I don’t know how parents are managing and adding school work to that doesn’t seem fair! I feel sorry for parents cause when I tell kids to do something they mostly do it because I’m the teacher, when parents tell them to do schoolwork they argue! I am impressed when parents even get one of these activities done. The child who got them all done is my sweetest girl.

      1. Aww we girls are sweet. My niece studies one hour in the morning and one hour in evening. Then it feels too much for my sister to continue. She is bored more than my niece 😂😂

  3. Last week I had to send a note “via text” to my Kindergarten boy that yes, he did need to do xyz, and to remember that mom was his home teacher and should be treated nicely like he treats me. Some of your parents may need to become Mr. Or Mrs.XXX during lesson time. Many parents don’t know how to be parents, just friends, so the first push back and they run scared. Changing into “Teacher” just like a super hero might help? You are doing great, and if you were able to keep up with the questions from the first day that is a great achievement!

    1. Yes I think a lot of the parents in my class prefer to be a friend than a parent so this is going to be difficult for them:(
      I’ve had two snarky comments about the math subtraction still. Grrrr😖
      It has literally taken me all morning to respond to all the things students have done, and I need to still find the materials for next week😳

  4. Tough time for teachers and students. Luckily for Zach, nothing has changed. He has always taught students on line. I’m so glad because his teaching in Chicago last year was not sustainable. Great knitting! The color is sweet

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping it will be useful as I do wear a lot of purple.
      She is definitely my favourite narrator. Which books have you listened to that you would recommend?

  5. Your new cowl is really pretty 🙂 I am glad to hear the new online school model is up and running! Everyone will get used to it, and of course it’s not forever. And good for you for getting out there and running!

    1. Thank you- I’m hoping I’ll get use out of the cowl.
      I’ve had a few snarky parents. They may have forgotten that they will need to look me in the eye again one day, but so far I’m getting into a rhythm

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