Sorry about no post last night. My head is exhausted from all the learning I’m doing each day, but my body isn’t tired as I’m not running around my classroom all day. I’m finding it tough to get a good sleep.


This morning I ran the Fort to Fort trail with Dennis. I had warned him it was hilly but he didn’t believe me until we were out there. It is hilly and his allergies were bad so we only did 9.73km, but it was still a gorgeous day for a run! Obviously we weren’t the only ones to think so as I told Dennis we couldn’t do that run again as it was too busy!

This evening I really didn’t want to workout so I did a simple body weight workout. A minute of jogging between these moves: burpees, froggers, pushups, dips, plank, mountain climbers, wall sit, reverse lunges, sumo squats, plié squats, crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, and knee tucks.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to go do 2km tomorrow morning so I will be at the mileage I want to be. I guess we will see as I don’t want tired legs for Sunday’s run on the dyke. Always the same dilemma!


It was a ProD day today but I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but ProD for about two weeks now so other than reading up on RAZ Kids, I have to admit I took it easy.

Yesterday we had a staff meeting and learned that our district principal has said we will be out another four weeks- they won’t look at returning to school before Mid May.

Socializing (the new way):

I met up with some friends from work for some in person socializing. We found a lovely spot under a tree at a local rec Centre and then made sure we were six feet apart.

It was so lovely to see people! We even saw a former EA and had a great catch up with her too. It was funny how many people commented on our social distancing.


I just can’t seem to get started on a project right now:(

Well tomorrow is another day!

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “Done

  1. I’m a bit jealous of you seeing your friends. A few of us who live close by have taken to running past each other’s houses and stopping for a quick, distanced chat, but that’s it, no gatherings allowed! Good activity and the learning should tail off soon as you get to grips with all this stuff. I hope so, anyway!

    1. Yes it is nice to see people in person and have a bit of a chat. I hope you get to soon!
      I’m hoping the learning curve flattens out a bit too

  2. My head aches form all the learning, which isn’t fun when you have no children- only their faces on a screen. I hit the wall on Thursday, and today (Saturday) will be my first day off. We’re scheduled to go back May 4th but most people think it will be longer. Hang in there!

      1. Not sure after I’ve spent all this time learning. Plus the little guys really don’t get social distancing

  3. Enjoy these two days with no mandatory screen time, that’s advice from my Girl #2, who only teaches online. She says it’s necessary and after several weeks of this I believe her. I am still tired by Friday and fined myself checking of those last few kids with relief, which I don’t like!

    1. Yes I am definitely finding that I spend very little time on devices on my weekends now- absolutely no interest in them!!
      I have to admit I had that same feeling Thursday afternoon and then was mad at myself for not giving those last few student interactions my best, but was just so done with it all!

  4. My colleagues who are teachers are also feeling the intensity of the remote learning. My friend wants to get together and still remain distant, but I won’t take that chance. If I bring anything home, it could cost my mother her life.

    1. I would feel exactly the same way! People are amazed I haven’t visited my family but I’m not taking any chances of giving them anything!!!

      1. I told my mom that it’s good she’s not close as it would be really hard not to hug her!
        I hope you can at least stand on opposite sides of the street and visit

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