I didn’t run this morning and I had a bit of an unsettled day, I wonder if there’s a correlation there? I’ll have to track this!


I’ve just been rereading books so nothing good to talk about here.


Still trying to decide on my next sweater. I want raglan, top down with some interest on the sleeves and hem. As I write this I realize I have a pattern in my Anne Budd book for a raglan v neck sweater. Maybe I’ll just adjust it. I will explore this more tomorrow.


Instead of knitting I did some stitching after my lovely nap, but you’ll see more on this tomorrow.

Baking/ Cooking:

I woke up this morning wanting to make scones and when I was having such an off day I ended up making the scones late this afternoon to see if that helped. It didn’t and the almond flour cookbook once again let me down. The raisin scones taste good but they are much more like cakey cookies than scones:(

I had to get started on my fresh prep meals as I’ve had them since Wednesday night. I made the coriander cod with butter beans and broccoli today. It was supposed to take thirty minutes but took me 45 minutes. The recipe wasn’t difficult and I love roasted broccoli! As well, I’m not sure I love coriander.

The veggies were great but I don’t know about the fish!

Other than dusting, doing laundry and switching my house over to its spring/summer colour, I think this is all I did today.

Have fun!


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