It was a pretty good day:)


I met up with Dennis to do another part of the dyke. I thought we would do five km out and five back, but his knee was bugging him so we turned at 2.75km. We still made 5.4km so that’s perfectly fine with me. I was surprised that this part of the dyke was actually much closer to the part we regularly run than I was expecting. Nice to know that I could do a giant loop if I ever felt like it:)

This evening I just did a few an exercises as my body wasn’t feeling up for much.


Today again felt a little bit calmer. I checked work that was submitted and planned with Liane for next week. We are hoping that now that we know how to copy lessons to each other, the prep process will go much faster. I guess we shall see over tomorrow and Thursday.


I had called my doctor to see if I should go for my standing lab tests and she said yes. I kept an eye on the app and went just before lunch when the wait was only twelve minutes. My results are already in and once again I have a low platelet count and a low iron count. That iron infusion didn’t even last me three months. So I guess I’ll be dealing with the low iron thing again. Hopefully I get an infusion before I’m crazy low again. Everyone keeps asking how I feel, but I’m the last person to ask that as (my mom will tell you) I just keep pushing to do everything no matter how I feel🤣. The worst part of the iron test, other than the results, is how much my arm hurts afterwards!


I finally got one shoulder done! 🎊🎉. Tomorrow I will start on the other. The pattern repeat is getting slightly easier though I definitely have to concentrate or else I end up having to tink:(


My friend introduced me to Scrabble Go today and boy is it fun!!


I had away better eating day today and I think it’s because I thought it out last night. I’ll have to continue to do that!


I gave in and did some online shopping tonight. I got a bicycle tire pump and some Nuun andHobey Stingers for running. Really exciting, huh🤣🤣. It is amazing g how quickly you can spend money online though!!

Well I’m going to go curl up with a book.

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Ugh Not Again!

  1. I’ve had to get iron infusions for being drastically anemic. It’s not fun and the infusion effects didn’t last long for me either. Luckily, the underlying problem for me was resolved. Fingers crossed you get sorted too!

  2. That stinks the iron infusion didn’t last you that long but it’s definitely nice to go in for your normal lab appointment so that you didn’t get too low and the doctor knows what’s happening. Online shopping is a saving grace for people right now! Usually I like it but right now I just want to go and walk around an actual store to try things on and look at items in person so I’m not into online shopping right now.

    1. Yup it’s goo I know:)
      I haven’t been doing any online shopping as I always shop with my hands. I need to feel everything, but running chews, hydration and a bike pump- don’t really care what they feel like🤣

  3. I have low platelets, but they are just within normal limits. I am also prone to anemia. I find the best thing for me is a steady and hearty diet of leafy greens.

    1. Yup I seem to have a doctor who is on top of it so that’s good.
      Yes I can spend money very quickly it seems. Too bad it takes me 50 hours a week to earn it!

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