It was a better day!


Another day spent on FreshGrade. I responded to all assignments which definitely takes up the most time. I also got the rest of the activities for next week imputed. I actually had enough time to sit down and breathe and I didn’t feel so crazed. I heard back from one parent who hasn’t posted anything and I emailed another. I hope I hear back from that family too as I really don’t want to have to put forward anyone’s name to the school.


I got to go pick up my new bike tire pump today. It was my first experience of curbside pickup and was quite lovely! I want this all the time!


I wasn’t too bad, but I did go get ice cream as a reward for finally doing my taxes. I know I shouldn’t reward myself with food, but there’s not much else you can do right now. The ice cream was definitely worth it- mango!


I had to admit my sourdough starter was a flop so I poured it out and got my mom’s recipe from my brother. It will have to wait until I get potatoes and flour, but I’m excited to try again.


I have gotten 1/3 of the secretary’s cowl done and one pattern of the second sweater shoulder. Good enough for one day!


I have spoken to my nephew and brother today. My nephew seems to really like calling me and chatting lately so I am completely taking advantage of this fad while it lasts!!!


Tonight I discovered theCanadian Baking Show and I’m going back to it now.

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “Breathe A Little Easier

  1. Wow, a great day all around! It does sound like your parents are getting the hang of Fresh Grade, which will help you. My 2nd graders are now into their second week of online school, and the parents are telling me that things are much better this week.

  2. I feel like curbside pickup will become a new thing once this all passes. It seems like a great thing for businesses to add for people who need an item but can’t go inside for whatever reason (they have little kids, are on the run, or don’t want to spend more money by walking around a store).

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