It was a nice day, except for the blisters!


Today I had my first light day. I responded to emails and assessed the work that had been uploaded and was done by noon (of course I started at 7 so I could get my five hours in).


I decided I really wanted to just be able to relax when I got home from the social tonight so I did my workout before my run for a change. I did another online bootcamp workout and it was making me sweaty for sure! It took me until the tenth round to figure out we were doing a countdown!🙄. The worst part was the blister I now have on my hand from the band:(

I had arranged to meet up with Dennis for our run at 12:30. I was really unsure what to eat for lunch before running, but I’m happy to say that a mandarin orange, strawberries and almonds worked well. Dennis was suffering with his allergies again and I found the humidity quite dreadful, but we managed 7km from the rec centre, around the river and back again. I am actually surprised it was only 7km as I really thought it was going to be more than 10km!

I definitely felt the tired legs from working out first as I didn’t hit a decent pace until my watch clicked to 5km. I guess I can blame the pre-run workout, the humidity and the dumb blister on my foot that just isn’t healing:(

I am obviously running more now as I can really tell the difference between trail and road shoes. I had thought we would be on the road so wore those shoes but we were mainly on trails and I really noticed the lack of stability and grip. Does this mean I am a real runner now 🤣🤪


I met up with the ladies from work for our social distanced Friday social tonight. I fully admit to being an introvert, but even I need some social time each week and I throughly enjoy these two hours. We don’t say anything important but it is nice to catch up with everyone.


I had better go back to telling you what I’m eating as I’m feeling roly poly lately. Today I had:

2 slices (homemade and tiny so they equal one slice) of bread with Pb and cheese

Mandarin orange, 8 strawberries, 10 almonds

corn chips and salsa (one of the girls brought them for me as she brought baked goods for everyone else)


It’s not quite what I want, but maybe I can get it right over the weekend!


I got my plants watered, my laundry done, my bike tires inflated, and my dishes done- I’m a happy camper!


I worked on the Floridian cowl again and got another pattern repeat done so I think I am exactly halfway through the cowl now.


I’m reading a very entertaining book but am not done yet. So far it has excellent banter. I also have continued listening to the Semi Attached Couple while I’m knitting. I had to give up on the podcasts as the hosts’ stupidity was driving me crazy!!!

Well I’m going back to my baking shows!

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Friday social:)

  1. A great Friday! Isn’t it kind of nice to be able to go “in to the office” early and then have the rest of the day before you! Hope you get more of those next week!

    1. Yes! I really do like the flexibility! I been saying for years I would like school to start at six am when I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed. Now I can:)

  2. Busy gal, as always. I find a podcast’s host can make or break the program for me. When I watch video knitting podcasts, I can’t stand too much editing. I rather listen to the real thing with all the ‘ers’ and ‘ums’.

    1. True! I just found these goats didn’t know much and came across sounding very much like millennials- I don’t need that in my entertainment!!

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