Baking (Stretching My Skills with Sally):

Last year I tried a few of Sally’s Baking Challenge items and quite enjoyed the challenge of trying new things. Most of the people in my life asked why I was doing this, thankfully there are people like Abbey! I was talking with Abbey of Three Cats and a Girl and we decided to both try these challenges and then link up to talk about our results, so please check out her attempts too. I was really interested in doing this because I knew she would be doing the recipes as called for while I would need to convert them to gluten free and dairy free. I should say that I change as little as possible and just sub in gf and df ingredients to see if the recipe will still work.

For April the challenge was flatbread!

I had actually forgotten about it so was praying hard that I had all the ingredients I needed at home.

And thankfully I did!

The recipe only requires yeast, sugar, water, flour, oil and salt. My recipe was only different in that I used Bob’s redmill All Purpose Gluten Free flour.

I found the recipe very quick to put together and boy is that ever lucky!

For the first batch I made the batter, spread it into two long baguette styles on a cookie sheet and threw it in the oven for fifteen minutes. Well they were flat and well done:(

I have to admit I’ve been binge watching The Great Canadian Baking Show and it must be rubbing off on me as I actually redid the flatbread.

The second time I left the two “baguettes” to ride for the 45 minutes called for in the recipe and they did turn out better.

I have definitely eaten more than I should have!

It is so cool that when Kathy read about Abbey’s and my challenge she decided to join us so make sure you go read about her flatbread adventures too:)

Thanks Abbey and Kathy for taking on this challenge with me:)


I did finish Always a Bridesmaid by Cindi Madsen today and I really enjoyed it. I may have been unduly influenced by the cute puppies in the story, but it was a lighthearted story that made me giggle out loud a few times. I also love the strong friendship group in the book. The conflict was annoying, but I guess it can be forgiven as every book has to have one and it was short and not overly dramatic.

I would recommend this book, but would definitely read the first in the series beforehand.

My mom just finished it too, so o should ask what she thought of it.


With the rain this morning I was glad not to have to run!

I did force myself to stop watching baking and go do 38 minutes of yoga.

I was thinking that I’m unmotivated to get healthy right now because we can’t go out, but as I was finishing up my yoga, I was thinking that maybe I need to turn it around and say I have tons of time at home to get healthy!

I do think I need to maybe change it up so I am running one day and working out the other because I’m feeling like I’m not doing very much exercise right now:(


I did some more knitting on the Floridian cowl and am now 2/3 done so hopefully you will see a finished product tomorrow!


1/2 banana with Pb

Shrimp plate

Caesar salad (with lettuce from the garden-YUM!!)


Not exactly what I was planning. I’m proud of the breakfast and the salad, but the rest needs help!

Well I have a run in the morning so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Stretching My Skills with Sally

  1. I’m glad your flat bread turned out well! I am feeling it too with needing more exercise. I had started working in that, then strained my back a week ago, and could barely move for a good part of the week. Today I am going to do a long walk again, and get myself in gear, even though I dare not do any yoga or calisthenics for several weeks. 😡 I was a bit shocked to see that I have managed to drop 3 pounds in the last two weeks…all those muscle spasms must have burned more calories than I thought! I’d rather walk them off. I am looking at something called intermittent fasting, which is being used by a nurse I know. It uses a schedule of eating carbs vs fats and exercising a certain amount of time after eating to increase the fat burn. If your are interested, I’ll send you the research once I’ve found more about it. The nurse is really pleased, and says she feels better than she has in years.

    1. That’s a nice treat to make up for the sore back:). I have a couple of friends doing that intermittent fasting. Let me know if you decide to do it:)

      1. I will! I am intrigued by the 8-10 hours plus exercise before eating. That is what I was actually doing the summer I dropped so much weight, which explains why it might have been so much easier than any previous attempts.

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