It was supposed to pour down rain all weekend, so I was prepared with a plan, but then it was sunny all weekend🤷🏼‍♀️


Dennis dragged me out to do another part of the PoCo trail. I really hadn’t thought there were any parts left that I hadn’t done! We ran out from a new spot, but once again I was super surprised how close we really were to a part we run all the time. I always think there’s at least 8km between these sections, when it turns out there’s only about 3-4.

The morning was gorgeous and I once again ran in a t shirt, capris and gloves. I really like this combo as my hands stay warmer.

My right knee was niggling at me, but otherwise I was surprised there weren’t more problems.

I was so happy when we got to 5km at the bottom of the hill, but Dennis made me go up the hill because, “it’s good for me”.😖😖

Another ten kilometers closer to South Dakota:)

This evening I did some weights. It was a little different as I didn’t have much floor space, but I did:

High knees, bicep curls, front kicks, tricep kickbacks, side kicks, shoulder press, jog, front raises, toe taps, upright rows/ bent over rows, fast feet, reverse flies, jumping jacks, crunches, skipping, full sit ups, high knees, Russian twists, front kicks, bicycle crunches, side kicks, reverse crunches, jog, plank, toe taps, standing ab crunches, and fast feet.

I stopped there as I figured my legs had done enough for the day!


I spent the time after coffee finishing the cowl for my secretary. It was easy to do and she really likes the looks of it.

The pattern is a free pattern on Ravelry called Floridian by Cascade yarns. I did this in Sirdar DK baby cotton. It took two skeins.

It feels great and will be machine washable so a good knit to give away.

Now I just have to wait for it to finish blocking.


I finished the Great Canadian BakingShow this evening. It was such a great show I hated to see it come to an end. I’m even more disappointed that Netflix doesn’t seem to have any other shows like this:(

Well I’m back to my newest book. I hope you had s lovely Sunday!

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “Solitary Sunday

  1. I wear gloves a lot when running, even if it’s not that cold. My hands get cold easily so it helps them warm up and then I can always take my gloves off if needed. It’s nice you had a plan for pouring ran but sun sounds better to me than that haha. Maybe I’m just jaded a bit since it’s been that awkward mist/drizzle since Saturday night so it’s not a full on rain but you can feel the water if you’re out for a while

    1. I hadn’t thought of wearing gloves with my shirt sleeve but I’m really loving it! My hands and feet are always cold!
      Yes it was beautiful here this weekend so I am definitely not complaining!

  2. The cowl looks fantastic! We had a stellar weather day Saturday, but since then, the temps have dropped and the wind is howling around us. I have one door in the house that the wind whistles through.

      1. Ugh just had the staff meeting from hell and now all my tech is acting weird:( I might cry or punch something g

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