I like how Mondays and Fridays are a little quieter for me right now. It makes the start of the week much easier.


I got my grocery shopping done first thing this morning. I still have way too much food in that fridge though!


I got the work for the day posted before I grocery shopped so then afterwards I spent a few hours returning emails and checking children’s work. I’m happy I see that more of the kids are reading on RAZ Kids now!

This afternoon I had an introductory lesson on how to use Microsoft Teams. I figure I may st some point need to talk to my students directly.

I ended the day with more email and assignment checking. Oh the funnies moment was when a student said he had built an alarm circuit fo his STEM project. This is the kid who literally can’t stand still. That’s the biggest problem with this is that I feel like I’m marking parents, not kids.


I tried to do a kickboxing class this morning but was interrupted by work, but this afternoon I got out for a run through Bert Flynn with Sarah. I hadn’t thought about how busy it would be though. The park is be one way, but still way too many people!


I jut finished The almost Eligible Lord in London by Grace Burrowes. It was a great historical romance that I really enjoyed. I wanted to spend my day reading it, not working!


I’ve had an egg

almonds and a mandarin

Chef’s salad



Well I think I’ll go take my turn on Scrabble Go and then go to sleep.

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “Mellow Monday

  1. My niece started her online school, she is 4. My sis is busy now with that schoolwork on top of the household work since we can’t go to help her.
    Glad your kids are getting into the rhythm

    1. Oh my- doing online school at 4! Yes I try to be understanding of all parents have to do. I’ve adopted a do what you can, when you can attitude.

  2. It would be such a change for you to now be teaching online. Hopefully it is going well. Fortunately I live more in a very small village. Parks are closed in the village, but there is lots of forests on the edge of town. You never encounter very many people. 🙂

    1. Oh that would be nice! I live in an area that has a high percentage of outdoors, active people so I have to Time my runs perfectly to try and not run into too many people

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