Today did not start off very well:(


I did the proFit BootCamp Kickboxing workout but forgot to factor in time for a shower, which I desperately needed, so I missed the last 8 minutes of the workout:(

I tried another workout after work that started off well, but quickly turned into yoga. It was a nice, but not what I was looking for.

I finally did an Instagram workout with a minute of jogging between each move.

It took a lot of tries to get the exercise in today.


I went to post my activities for the day and the first video wasn’t there. I quickly redid the video and uploaded it only to find the first video was there. Then halfway through the morning the kids and parents in the other class started saying they couldn’t open the video, so I spent an hour trying to get the video onto their site:(

I decided to go change my sheets at this point so that I could at least be successful at something.

I spent the rest of the morning planning for next week with my colleague.

I got to sit through an hour and ten minute staff meeting that did nothing but upset me. Supposedly now I am supposed to be teaching online but at the same time be calling small groups of students into the school to work with them as well. I haven’t decided if I want to cry or punch something:(

I finished the day by checking more student work.


I started to knit on my shoulder again, but realized that this might not be the best idea with the day I’m having so I called my mom instead. It’s amazing how mom’s can tell a bad day just from your voice.


I ended the night by playing trivia online. It’s not as much fun as at the pub but it at least got my mind off my day.

I knew:

Who was Frasier’s ex wife?


What did the scarecrow ask for in The Wizard of Oz?

A brain

Who was the star of the Honeymooners?

Jackie Gleason

Which comedian was never a staff member of Saturday Night Live?

Jim Carrey

What is America’s official sport?


Where are three of the four largest hotels in the world?

Las Vegas

Which company makes the Stratocaster?


Well I’m going to go hide under my covers and hope tomorrow is better!

Have fun!


36 thoughts on “Trivia as a Distraction

  1. I’m sorry you had a rough day yesterday. Wake up with the intention to make today a good day!

    Trivia was hard this week. I knew maybe 3 of those haha

    1. I’m hoping today is better and I’m just going to continue on how I’ve been going until I’m directly instructed to do something different.
      I did better at trivia than I usually do, but of course, nowhere near as good as my friends did

  2. I nailed trivia! I laughed at your comment about changing the bed sheets. Sometimes, it just comes down to that. When you are having “a day”, no victory is too small!!

  3. I’m trying to decide how I would do the bring the kids in thing. Maybe a group of 5 at a time, starting with low achievers first and working up to the high achievers, and a. doing them all in one week with one week’s online lessons being assigned over a two week period, or b. doing one group each week. That’s one that will take some consideration or you’ll go nuts. DOn’t go nuts!

      1. Ideas just spew out of my brain all the time, so don’t ever feel compelled to even consider them! I only share because they might spark something for you, because you obviously know the terrain, the kids, etc. I’m just emptying my brain!

      1. I am hoping that I can visit my family soon! I was telling my mom tonight that I have discovered I run on hugs and I haven’t had a hug for about two months now:(

      2. Yes, it is awful for you not seeing them as you are close to your whole family. I am thinking by Summer it may be okay to get together with your own family and you are essentially quarantined on a boat – getting there to the boat I realize is the bugaboo. You cannot be in a bubble.

      3. Yes right now they are not allowing people to take the ferry unless you are returning home or transporting essential goods

      4. I see – yes, so even if you are healthy and they are healthy, you still cannot connect. They just started allowing people to go to their vacation homes in northern Michigan – it did not matter, people went anyway after getting laid off, but the hospitals in northern Michigan are small and not equipped to handle any emergencies nor do they have extensive equipment. So hopefully things get back to normal and you can visit them AJ – it must be difficult. Two months is a long time – I have no family at all so that is not an issue for me.

      5. Oh I can’t imagine now having family, I hope you have some awesome friends you can look forward to connecting with:)

      6. It is rough and no, I don’t really have any friends – my close friends have moved out of state so I keep in touch with them on Facebook or by e-mail. I have a good friend that I met while walking (Ann Marie) but we just keep in touch by e-mail now. She walks daily (very early as her husband has some medical issues and she tries to be home before he gets up – they are both retired now). I had some “work friends” but after my boss and I went out on our own, I don’t see them anymore either as we lost touch.

      7. Yes, I am strong due to the many things that happened through the years with my mom’s health and my father leaving her penniless after taking all their life savings when she was 58 and too young for Social Security. Life’s tribulations have given me a harder edge which I don’t always like about myself, but in nature and walking, I can become the softer person I always was and am deep down in my heart. Because we had no other relatives, when my mom was alive (she passed away 10 years ago), it was always kind of quiet anyway, but it is more so now. Sometime when you have 10 minutes to spare, I wrote a tribute to her last year and it was the first time I ever my father’s misdeeds. I have mentioned him in blog posts, just a casual reference, but felt the need to “tell it like it was” in this post.

      8. It did AJ – for a long time I wanted to say something … I am sure people wondered why I never wrote about him, though it was my mom who was the disciplinarian when I was growing up and he was more likely to indulge me as “Daddy’s Little Princess” … we looked so much alike too – I looked nothing like my mom, but first he had some kind of midlife crisis and had a radical personality change and then took all the money in the bank and annuity, left the country, leaving my mom penniless. I was still living at home, so she/we were okay and the house was paid for so we only had household expenses, insurance, utilities, etc. … once she got social security from U.S. and also Canada (she was allowed to collect from Canada as she was at least 40 years old when we moved to the U.,S.) she was better off. I have no respect whatsoever for him, nor my grandfather either – another piece of work.

      9. I agree with you … he deserves not one iota of respect and I am glad I got it out of my system. Meanwhile, I finally took my camera to the park this morning after leaving it at home for a month. Just took my point-and-shoot and kept it away from my face. The goslings were out and it was a gorgeous morning after two very ugly rainy days. Got a lot of shots and on my way out, there was a police car there – asked him why he was parked across the park entrance/exit – I was nice about it and said I walked there every day, sometimes bigger parks on weekends. He said he did not know details. The mayor closed all our parks effective today – people were not observing social distancing, so all closed down. Glad I went today – hope it does not last all Summer. Sorry that someone else has ruined it for the other people who walk in the park. Sigh. Will walk in the neighborhoods like I used to years ago, bigger parks on weekends.

  4. Sorry about the rough day!!! I totally understand the workout debacle- I’ve had that happen before where just no work out seems to be what you’re lookin’ for. Hopefully you can find some rest and fun this weekend where everything goes smoothly!

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